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Re: genini patch

On Fri, Feb 23, 2007 at 09:59:25AM +0100, Servaas Goossens wrote:
>Thanks for submitting my previous patches. I have further modified 
>genini so that it generates output that is parsed without errors by 
>setup.exe. I also fixed the sorting problem for file versions (ref: 
>A few issues remain, but setup.exe seems to accept them:
>* genini generates one line for the non-existing db package ("@ db")
>* genini doesn't include some -src files that do exist in the official
>  setup.ini. This seems to be related to external-source values in 
>  setup.hint. Maybe the error is in the .hint file? (e.g. gcc)
>* for postgresql genini includes a [prev] version with no files (install
>  or source). These files don't exist: the error is in the setup.hint.
>Here's the changelog:
>* genini (parsedir): Use correct sorting order based on file versions

It's a lot more complicated than this if you want to get the sorting
right.  Maybe the code could be of some use.

>(get): Fix quotes in sdesc and ldesc values

It took me a couple of tries but I think I've implemented this in a
slightly cleaner manner than your patch.

>(parse): # in the middle of a line does not start a comment

Actually, yes it does.  It just doesn't start a comment in a quoted
string.  I haven't committed this since more work is needed.

>Don't output keys with empty values


>Fix minor typo in warning


>New categories: KDE, Perl, Python



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