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Re: New Berkeley DB 4.5.20 from Oracle Corporation

>>>>> Corinna Vinschen writes:

    > Your packages are known to be well packed, but I think a quick ITP
    > wouldn't hurt.  Thanks for doing this, btw.

In lack of public web space I have temporarily uploaded the packages to sourceware


If everything looks good, you can move them to the release directory.
Right now I'm using more or less the same build script as Gerrit.

    > As for Gerrit's db packages, would you be willing to take over
    > maintainership of them?  It would be good for the records to have


    > an active maintainer and I didn't see any problems with these
    > packages so far.  There's also the question if some of them could
    > be obsoleted, something I have no idea about.

I think there are still packages around which require specific versions
of berkdb. When I have time I can repackage the db packages to use
alternatives. db-2 and db-3.1 should also be repackaged to use /usr/share/doc
instead of /usr/doc, so that we can get rid of /usr/doc one day.

    > Corinna


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