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Re: Emacs is coming back - please test

Eric Blake schrieb:
> Currently, emacs and emacs-X11 both provide /usr/bin/emacs.exe.  Which
> means whichever package is installed last wins.  I would much rather that
> you used the 'alternatives' package, and instead of directly providing
> /usr/bin/emacs.exe, instead provide two differently-named binaries, and
> use the postinstall script to install symlinked alternatives where the X11
> version has a higher default priority, but where the user can use the
> alternatives package to choose which of the two they prefer.  Then,
> upgrading just the emacs package won't wipe out the emacs-X11 package
> (which has happened to me in the past).  See autoconf for an example of
> how the alternatives package can let you install symlinks to alternative
> versions, so that competing packages don't install to the same filename.

I'm sorry, but I can't find any binary symlinking stuff in autoconf2.5
postinstall, just handling of man and info pages. Did you mean another


PS: What are the arguments against the method I chose
(/usr/bin/emacs-nox.exe in emacs and /usr/bin/emacs.exe in emacs-X11)?
That's also the way the linux distributions I now handle it.

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