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Re: Emacs is coming back - please test

On Jul 10 18:44, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

On Jul 10 18:21, Dr. Volker Zell wrote:
>>>>> Corinna Vinschen writes:
    > On Jul 10 11:24, Steffen Sledz wrote:
    >> Exclude from emacs and make ctags a requirement?

    > Exclude, yes.  A requirement, no.  ctags/etags are no requirement
    > to edit files.

Maybe you can bundle them in an emacs-tags package.

We already have a ctags package. Having another package providing ctags/etags is wrong and only helps confusing users and setup. Since they are provided by its own ctags package, they should just be dropped in other packages.

Fedora 7 handles this conflict as follows:

  - Exhuberant Ctags (aka, "ctags") provides the 'ctags' binary, which
    has an command-line switch, '-e', for generating Emacs Lisp tag files.

- Emacs 22 provides the 'etags' binary, along with 'gctags' (GNU ctags)

My understanding is that etags "belongs" to emacs, i.e., it predates
exuberant ctags (after all, "etags" generates tags for the Emacs Lisp
programming language).  So, emacs's provision of etags supercedes
any other package's providing of a program with the same name.  If there
is a conflict between the tags generated by Emacs 'etags' and the tags
generated by the Exuberant Ctags 'ctags -e' or 'etags', then I would
expect that the Emacs etags-generated file would take precedence, i.e.,
it will likely be more in sync with whatever evolution there might be
in the Emacs Lisp programming language.

From an end-user perspective, there are the following considerations:

   - Someone who installs emacs, but has not installed exuberant
     ctags should be able to expect that etags will be available.

   - Someone who wants to use 'ctags' should not be required to
     install emacs.  It should be possible to get this utility by
     installing only the exuberant ctags package.

Because of these two reasons, it seems to me that the Fedora 7 solution
is a reasonable one, and would be better than preventing emacs from
providing the etags utility program.

Mark Harig
i d i r e c t s c m AT a i m DAUGHT c o m (minus the spaces, and with punctuation for the "words")

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