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Re: Emacs is coming back - all pleased?

Mark Harig wrote:
Steffen Sledz wrote:
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Eric Blake schrieb:
Go ahead and send a release announcement, so hopefully you can get
some more testers willing to try the version while it is still

Is there a template for such announcements?

Because 'etags' has been removed from the standard Emacs distribution, it would be
good for the announcement and the cygwin.readme for Emacs to notify users that
they will need to install the (exhuberant) ctags package if they want to generate
tag files for Emacs Lisp. This is a standard, documented feature of Emacs so
users should be made aware of why it will not work if they only install the base
Cygwin installation plus Emacs.
Correction about the Cygwin README for Emacs: I see that
/usr/share/doc/Cygwin/emacs-22.1.README already mentions the exuberant
ctags dependency:

"Some binaries normally part of the emacs distribution are separated
to avoid conflicts with other packages. If you need b2m or rcs-ckeckin
install xemacs-emacs-common package. If you need ctags or etags install
ctags package."

Of course, the 'b2m' and 'rcs-checkin' binaries are already installed by
default because the 'xemacs-emacs-common' package is a requirement
of the Cygwin Emacs package.

Alternatively, the 'etags' program could be removed from the ctags package
(which still provides etags via the '-e' command-line option) and restored to
the Emacs package.


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