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Package maintainer list

Below are the lists of orphaned and maintained packages.  I did not
mention the obsoleted packages.  I have a list of them on request.

Please check the list for correctness.

Please keep in mind that you're generously offered a gold star for every
orphaned package you take over ;)


115 ORPHANED PACKAGES (in brackets the former maintainer)

  antiword                       (Gerrit P. Haase)
  aspell-en                      (Ronald Landheer-Cies)
  c-client                       (Abraham Backus)
  catgets                        (Bryan Henderson)
  chkconfig                      (Sergey Okhapkin)
  cppunit                        (Harold L Hunt II)
  cygwin-doc                     (Joshua Daniel Franklin)
  ddd                            (Harold L Hunt II)
  distcc                         (Harold L Hunt II)
  docbook-xml412                 (Marcel Telka)
  docbook-xml42                  (Marcel Telka)
  docbook-xml43                  (Marcel Telka)
  docbook-xml44                  (Marcel Telka)
  docbook-xsl                    (Marcel Telka)
  editrights                     (Chris Rodgers)
  elfio                          (Serge Lamikhov-Cente)
  enscript                       (Gerrit P. Haase)
  exif                           (Gerrit P. Haase)
  figlet                         (Carl Ebrey)
  freeglut                       (Gerrit P. Haase)
  fvwm                           (Harold L Hunt II)
  gnutls                         (Gerrit P. Haase)
  gnutls-devel                   (Gerrit P. Haase)
  gnutls-doc                     (Gerrit P. Haase)
  graphicsmagick                 (Harold L Hunt II)
  hexedit                        (Marcel Telka)
  indent                         (Gerrit P. Haase)
  initscripts                    (Sergey Okhapkin)
  ioperm                         (Marcel Telka)
  jasper                         (Gerrit P. Haase)
  joe                            (Joe Allan)
  libdb2                         (Gerrit P. Haase)
  libdb2-devel                   (Gerrit P. Haase)
  libdb3.1                       (Gerrit P. Haase)
  libdb3.1-devel                 (Gerrit P. Haase)
  libdb4.1                       (Gerrit P. Haase)
  libdb4.1-devel                 (Gerrit P. Haase) 
  libdb4.2                       (Gerrit P. Haase)
  libdb4.2-devel                 (Gerrit P. Haase)
  libdb4.3                       (Gerrit P. Haase)
  libdb4.3-devel                 (Gerrit P. Haase)
  libfontconfig-devel            (Harold L Hunt II) 
  libfontconfig1                 (Harold L Hunt II) 
  libfpx                         (Gerrit P. Haase)
  libgnutls11                    (Gerrit P. Haase)
  libgraphicsmagick-devel        (Harold L Hunt II)
  libgraphicsmagick0             (Harold L Hunt II)
  libmagick-devel                (Harold L Hunt II)
  libmagick6                     (Harold L Hunt II)
  libmcrypt                      (Stefan Hetzl)
  libmcrypt-devel                (Stefan Hetzl)
  libmng                         (Gerrit P. Haase)
  libopencdk8                    (Gerrit P. Haase)
  libsmi                         (Abraham Backus) 
  libtasn1                       (Gerrit P. Haase)
  libwmf                         (Gerrit P. Haase)
  libxerces-c21                  (Abraham Backus) 
  libxerces-c22                  (Abraham Backus) 
  libxerces-c23                  (Abraham Backus) 
  libxerces-c24                  (Abraham Backus) 
  libxerces-c25                  (Abraham Backus) 
  libxft                         (Harold L Hunt II)
  libxft-devel                   (Harold L Hunt II)
  libxft1                        (Harold L Hunt II)
  libxft2                        (Harold L Hunt II)
  links                          (Harold L Hunt II)
  nedit                          (Harold L Hunt II)
  openbox                        (Harold L Hunt II)
  opencdk                        (Gerrit P. Haase)
  openjade                       (Gerrit P. Haase)
  opensp                         (Gerrit P. Haase)
  pinfo                          (Joshua Daniel Franklin)
  rcs                            (Stipe Tolj)
  splint                         (Elfyn McBratney)
  squid                          (Robert Collins) 
  sysvinit                       (Sergey Okhapkin)
  tnef                           (Harold L Hunt II) 
  transfig                       (Harold L Hunt II)
  ttcp                           (Stanislav Sinyagin)
  uw-imap                        (Abraham Backus) 
  uw-imap-imapd                  (Abraham Backus) 
  uw-imap-util                   (Abraham Backus)
  windowmaker                    (Harold L Hunt II)
  x-start-menu-icons             (Alan Hourihane)
  x-startup-scripts              (Alan Hourihane)
  x2x                            (Harold L Hunt II)
  xaw3d                          (Harold L Hunt II)
  xerces-c                       (Abraham Backus)
  xerces-c-devel                 (Abraham Backus)
  xerces-c-doc                   (Abraham Backus)
  xfig                           (Harold L Hunt II)
  xgraph                         (Harold L Hunt II)
  xinetd                         (Sergey Okhapkin)
  xmlto                          (Marcel Telka)
  xmon                           (Harold L Hunt II)
  xorg-x11-base                  (Alan Hourihane)
  xorg-x11-bin                   (Alan Hourihane)
  xorg-x11-bin-dlls              (Alan Hourihane)
  xorg-x11-bin-lndir             (Alan Hourihane)
  xorg-x11-devel                 (Alan Hourihane)
  xorg-x11-etc                   (Alan Hourihane)
  xorg-x11-f100                  (Alan Hourihane)
  xorg-x11-fcyr                  (Alan Hourihane)
  xorg-x11-fenc                  (Alan Hourihane)
  xorg-x11-fnts                  (Alan Hourihane)
  xorg-x11-fscl                  (Alan Hourihane)
  xorg-x11-fsrv                  (Alan Hourihane)
  xorg-x11-libs-data             (Alan Hourihane)
  xorg-x11-man-pages             (Alan Hourihane)
  xorg-x11-man-pages-html        (Alan Hourihane)
  xorg-x11-nest                  (Alan Hourihane)
  xorg-x11-vfb                   (Alan Hourihane)
  xorg-x11-xwin                  (Alan Hourihane)
  xorg-x11-xwin-gl               (Alan Hourihane)
  xterm                          (Harold L Hunt II)

678 MAINTAINED PACKAGES (in brackets the maintainer)

  _update-info-dir               (Christopher Faylor) 
  a2ps                           (David Hudson) 
  aalib                          (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  aalib-devel                    (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  alternatives                   (Charles Wilson) 
  apache                         (Robert Richter) 
  apache2                        (Max Bowsher) 
  apache2-devel                  (Max Bowsher) 
  apache2-manual                 (Max Bowsher) 
  apr1                           (Max Bowsher) 
  aprutil1                       (Max Bowsher) 
  asciidoc                       (Eric Blake) 
  ash                            (Corinna Vinschen) 
  aspell                         (Gareth Pearce) 
  aspell-de                      (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  aspell-dev                     (Gareth Pearce) 
  aspell-doc                     (Gareth Pearce) 
  aspell-pl                      (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  aspell-sv                      (Stefan Bjoernelund) 
  astyle                         (Chris Sutcliffe) 
  atk                            (Yaakov S) 
  atk-devel                      (Yaakov S) 
  atk-doc                        (Yaakov S) 
  atk-runtime                    (Yaakov S) 
  audiofile                      (Yaakov S) 
  autoconf                       (Charles Wilson) 
  autoconf-devel                 (Charles Wilson) 
  autoconf-stable                (Charles Wilson) 
  autoconf2.1                    (Charles Wilson) 
  autoconf2.5                    (Charles Wilson) 
  automake                       (Charles Wilson) 
  automake-devel                 (Charles Wilson) 
  automake-stable                (Charles Wilson) 
  automake1.10                   (Charles Wilson) 
  automake1.4                    (Charles Wilson) 
  automake1.5                    (Charles Wilson) 
  automake1.6                    (Charles Wilson) 
  automake1.7                    (Charles Wilson) 
  automake1.8                    (Charles Wilson) 
  automake1.9                    (Charles Wilson) 
  autossh                        (Andrew Schulman) 
  base-files                     (John Morrison) 
  base-passwd                    (John Morrison) 
  bash                           (Eric Blake) 
  bash-completion                (Eric Blake) 
  bashdb                         (Eric Blake) 
  bc                             (Christopher Faylor) 
  binutils                       (Christopher Faylor) 
  bison                          (Christopher Faylor) 
  boost                          (Vaclav Haisman) 
  boost-devel                    (Vaclav Haisman) 
  brltty                         (Samuel Thibault) 
  bsdiff                         (Lapo Luchini) 
  bsflite                        (Jonathan C. Allen) 
  byacc                          (Christopher Faylor) 
  bzip2                          (Charles Wilson) 
  bzr                            (Jari Aalto) 
  c3270                          (Peter A. Castro) 
  cabextract                     (Jari Aalto) 
  cadaver                        (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  cairo                          (Yaakov S) 
  cairo-doc                      (Yaakov S) 
  catdoc                         (Reini Urban) 
  ccache                         (Christopher Faylor) 
  ccdoc                          (Joe Linoff) 
  ccrypt                         (Andreas Seidl) 
  cgoban                         (Teun Burgers) 
  check                          (Yaakov S) 
  checkx                         (Charles Wilson) 
  chere                          (Dave Kilroy) 
  clamav                         (Reini Urban) 
  clisp                          (Reini Urban) 
  cmake                          (William A. Hoffman) 
  cocom                          (Igor Pechtchanski) 
  cogito                         (Eric Blake) 
  compface                       (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  coreutils                      (Eric Blake) 
  cpio                           (Corinna Vinschen) 
  cramfs                         (Sam Robb) 
  cron                           (Pierre A. Humblet) 
  crypt                          (Corinna Vinschen) 
  ctags                          (Warren Young) 
  ctetris                        (Reini Urban) 
  curl                           (Brian Dessent) 
  curl-devel                     (Brian Dessent) 
  cvs                            (Charles Wilson) 
  cvsps                          (Eric Blake) 
  cvsutils                       (Eric Blake) 
  cygport                        (Yaakov S) 
  cygrunsrv                      (Corinna Vinschen) 
  cygutils                       (Charles Wilson) 
  cygwin                         (Christopher Faylor) 
  cyrus-sasl                     (Gareth Pearce) 
  d                              (Yaakov S) 
  db                             (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  db2                            (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  db3.1                          (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  db4.1                          (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  db4.2                          (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  db4.3                          (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  db4.5                          (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  ddrescue                       (Christian Franke) 
  dejagnu                        (Christopher Faylor) 
  desktop-file-utils             (Yaakov S) 
  diffstat                       (Eric Blake) 
  diffutils                      (Christopher Faylor) 
  dmalloc                        (Pierre A. Humblet) 
  doxygen                        (Max Bowsher) 
  e2fsimage                      (Sam Robb) 
  e2fsprogs                      (Sam Robb) 
  ec-fonts-mftraced              (Jan Nieuwenhuizen) 
  ed                             (Christopher Faylor) 
  emacs                          (Steffen Sledz) 
  emacs-el                       (Steffen Sledz) 
  emacs-leim                     (Steffen Sledz) 
  emacs-x11                      (Steffen Sledz) 
  email                          (Ross Smith II) 
  epstool                        (James R. Phillips) 
  esound                         (Yaakov S) 
  exim                           (Pierre A. Humblet) 
  expat                          (Max Bowsher) 
  expect                         (Christopher Faylor) 
  fcgi                           (Reini Urban) 
  fetchmail                      (Jason Tishler) 
  fftw3                          (James R. Phillips) 
  fftw3-dev                      (James R. Phillips) 
  fftw3-doc                      (James R. Phillips) 
  file                           (Corinna Vinschen) 
  findutils                      (Eric Blake) 
  flac                           (Corinna Vinschen) 
  flac-devel                     (Corinna Vinschen) 
  flex                           (Christopher Faylor) 
  fltk                           (Teun Burgers) 
  fltk-demos                     (Teun Burgers) 
  fltk-devel                     (Teun Burgers) 
  fltk-doc                       (Teun Burgers) 
  fontconfig                     (Jan Nieuwenhuizen) 
  fortune                        (Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes) 
  freetype2                      (Yaakov S) 
  gail                           (Yaakov S) 
  gawk                           (Corinna Vinschen) 
  gcc                            (Dave Korn) 
  gcc-ada                        (Dave Korn) 
  gcc-core                       (Dave Korn) 
  gcc-g++                        (Dave Korn) 
  gcc-g77                        (Dave Korn) 
  gcc-gdc                        (Dave Korn) 
  gcc-gm2                        (Dave Korn) 
  gcc-gpc                        (Dave Korn) 
  gcc-java                       (Dave Korn) 
  gcc-mingw                      (Dave Korn) 
  gcc-mingw-ada                  (Dave Korn) 
  gcc-mingw-core                 (Dave Korn) 
  gcc-mingw-g++                  (Dave Korn) 
  gcc-mingw-g77                  (Dave Korn) 
  gcc-mingw-gdc                  (Dave Korn) 
  gcc-mingw-gpc                  (Dave Korn) 
  gcc-mingw-java                 (Dave Korn) 
  gcc-mingw-objc                 (Dave Korn) 
  gcc-objc                       (Dave Korn) 
  gcc-testsuite                  (Dave Korn) 
  gconf2                         (Yaakov S) 
  gconf2-devel                   (Yaakov S) 
  gconf2-doc                     (Yaakov S) 
  gd                             (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  gdb                            (Christopher Faylor) 
  gdbm                           (Charles Wilson) 
  gdk-pixbuf                     (Yaakov S) 
  gdk-pixbuf-devel               (Yaakov S) 
  gdk-pixbuf-doc                 (Yaakov S) 
  geoip                          (Jari Aalto) 
  gettext                        (Charles Wilson) 
  gettext-devel                  (Charles Wilson) 
  ghostscript                    (James R. Phillips) 
  ghostscript-base               (James R. Phillips) 
  ghostscript-x11                (James R. Phillips) 
  git                            (Eric Blake) 
  glib                           (Yaakov S)  
  glib-devel                     (Yaakov S)  
  glib2                          (Yaakov S)  
  glib2-devel                    (Yaakov S) 
  glib2-doc                      (Yaakov S) 
  glib2-runtime                  (Yaakov S) 
  glitz                          (Yaakov S) 
  gmp                            (David Billinghurst) 
  gnome-common                   (Yaakov S) 
  gnome-icon-theme               (Yaakov S) 
  gnome-keyring                  (Yaakov S) 
  gnome-libs                     (Yaakov S) 
  gnome-libs-devel               (Yaakov S) 
  gnome-libs-doc                 (Yaakov S) 
  gnome-mime-data                (Yaakov S) 
  gnome-themes                   (Yaakov S) 
  gnome-vfs2                     (Yaakov S) 
  gnome-vfs2-devel               (Yaakov S) 
  gnome-vfs2-doc                 (Yaakov S)  
  gnubg                          (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  gnugo                          (Teun Burgers) 
  gnupg                          (Volker Quetschke) 
  gnuplot                        (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  gperf                          (Christopher Faylor) 
  grace                          (Volker Quetschke) 
  grep                           (Christopher Faylor) 
  groff                          (Christopher Faylor) 
  gsl                            (Teun Burgers) 
  gsl-apps                       (Teun Burgers) 
  gsl-devel                      (Teun Burgers) 
  gsl-doc                        (Teun Burgers) 
  gtk+                           (Yaakov S) 
  gtk+-devel                     (Yaakov S) 
  gtk-doc                        (Yaakov S) 
  gtk-engines                    (Yaakov S) 
  gtk2-x11                       (Yaakov S) 
  gtk2-x11-devel                 (Yaakov S) 
  gtk2-x11-doc                   (Yaakov S) 
  gtk2-x11-engines               (Yaakov S) 
  gtk2-x11-runtime               (Yaakov S) 
  gtypist                        (Yaakov S) 
  guile                          (Jan Nieuwenhuizen) 
  guile-devel                    (Jan Nieuwenhuizen) 
  guile-doc                      (Jan Nieuwenhuizen) 
  gv                             (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  gvim                           (Yaakov S) 
  gzip                           (Christopher Faylor) 
  hdparm                         (Christian Franke) 
  help2man                       (Yaakov S) 
  hicolor-icon-theme             (Yaakov S) 
  httptunnel                     (Jari Aalto) 
  imagemagick                    (Volker Quetschke) 
  imlib                          (Yaakov S) 
  inetutils                      (Corinna Vinschen) 
  intltool                       (Yaakov S) 
  irc                            (Corinna Vinschen) 
  jbigkit                        (Charles Wilson) 
  jgraph                         (Igor Pechtchanski) 
  jikes                          (Jari Aalto) 
  jpeg                           (Charles Wilson) 
  keychain                       (Jonathan C. Allen) 
  lablgtk2                       (Andrew Schulman) 
  lapack                         (James R. Phillips) 
  lcms                           (John Morrison) 
  less                           (Christopher Faylor) 
  lesstif                        (Brian Ford) 
  lftp                           (Andrew Schulman) 
  libaa1                         (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  libao                          (Corinna Vinschen) 
  libao-devel                    (Corinna Vinschen) 
  libao2                         (Corinna Vinschen) 
  libapr1                        (Max Bowsher) 
  libaprutil1                    (Max Bowsher) 
  libart_lgpl                    (Yaakov S) 
  libaspell15                    (Gareth Pearce) 
  libasprintf0                   (Charles Wilson) 
  libaudiofile-devel             (Yaakov S) 
  libaudiofile0                  (Yaakov S) 
  libbonobo2                     (Yaakov S) 
  libbonobo2-devel               (Yaakov S) 
  libbonobo2-doc                 (Yaakov S) 
  libbonobo20                    (Yaakov S) 
  libbonoboui2                   (Yaakov S) 
  libboost                       (Vaclav Haisman) 
  libbrlapi                      (Samuel Thibault) 
  libbrlapi-devel                (Samuel Thibault) 
  libbz2-devel                   (Charles Wilson) 
  libbz2_0                       (Charles Wilson) 
  libbz2_1                       (Charles Wilson) 
  libcairo2                      (Yaakov S) 
  libcharset1                    (Charles Wilson) 
  libclamav-devel                (Reini Urban) 
  libclamav1                     (Reini Urban) 
  libclamav2                     (Reini Urban) 
  libcroco06                     (Yaakov S) 
  libcroco06-devel               (Yaakov S) 
  libcurl3                       (Brian Dessent) 
  libcurl4                       (Brian Dessent) 
  libdb4.5                       (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  libdb4.5-devel                 (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  libecpg-compat1                (Reini Urban) 
  libecpg-compat2                (Reini Urban) 
  libecpg-devel                  (Reini Urban) 
  libecpg4                       (Reini Urban) 
  libecpg5                       (Reini Urban) 
  libemf                         (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  libemf-devel                   (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  libemf1                        (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  libesound-devel                (Yaakov S) 
  libesound0                     (Yaakov S) 
  libexif                        (Yaakov S) 
  libexif-devel                  (Yaakov S) 
  libexif12                      (Yaakov S) 
  libexpat0                      (Max Bowsher) 
  libfcgi-devel                  (Reini Urban) 
  libfcgi0                       (Reini Urban) 
  libflac++5                     (Corinna Vinschen) 
  libflac7                       (Corinna Vinschen) 
  libfreetype2-devel             (Yaakov S) 
  libfreetype26                  (Yaakov S) 
  libgc                          (Bob Heckel) 
  libgcrypt                      (Volker Quetschke) 
  libgd-devel                    (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  libgd2                         (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  libgdbm                        (Charles Wilson) 
  libgdbm-devel                  (Charles Wilson) 
  libgdbm3                       (Charles Wilson) 
  libgdbm4                       (Charles Wilson) 
  libgeotiff                     (Charles Wilson) 
  libgeotiff-devel               (Charles Wilson) 
  libgeotiff1                    (Charles Wilson) 
  libgettextpo0                  (Charles Wilson) 
  libggi2                        (Peter Ekberg) 
  libggi2-devel                  (Peter Ekberg) 
  libggi2-display-aa             (Peter Ekberg) 
  libggi2-display-file           (Peter Ekberg) 
  libggi2-display-terminfo       (Peter Ekberg) 
  libggi2-display-x              (Peter Ekberg) 
  libggi2-samples                (Peter Ekberg) 
  libggimisc2                    (Peter Ekberg) 
  libggimisc2-devel              (Peter Ekberg) 
  libggimisc2-samples            (Peter Ekberg) 
  libggiwmh0                     (Peter Ekberg) 
  libggiwmh0-devel               (Peter Ekberg) 
  libggiwmh0-display-x           (Peter Ekberg) 
  libggiwmh0-samples             (Peter Ekberg) 
  libgii1                        (Peter Ekberg) 
  libgii1-devel                  (Peter Ekberg) 
  libgii1-input-x                (Peter Ekberg) 
  libglade2                      (Yaakov S) 
  libglitz-glx1                  (Yaakov S) 
  libglitz1                      (Yaakov S) 
  libgmp-devel                   (David Billinghurst) 
  libgmp3                        (David Billinghurst) 
  libgnome                       (Yaakov S) 
  libgnome2                      (Yaakov S) 
  libgnome2-devel                (Yaakov S) 
  libgnome2-doc                  (Yaakov S) 
  libgnomecanvas2                (Yaakov S) 
  libgnomecanvas2-devel          (Yaakov S) 
  libgnomecanvas2-doc            (Yaakov S) 
  libgnomecanvaspixbuf           (Yaakov S) 
  libgnomeprint22                (Yaakov S) 
  libgnomeprintui22              (Yaakov S) 
  libgnomesupport                (Yaakov S) 
  libgnomeui                     (Yaakov S) 
  libgnomeui2                    (Yaakov S) 
  libgnomeui2-devel              (Yaakov S) 
  libgnomeui2-doc                (Yaakov S) 
  libgnorba                      (Yaakov S) 
  libgpg-error                   (Volker Quetschke) 
  libgtkhtml2                    (Yaakov S) 
  libgtkhtml2-devel              (Yaakov S) 
  libgtkxmhtml                   (Yaakov S) 
  libguile12                     (Jan Nieuwenhuizen) 
  libguile17                     (Jan Nieuwenhuizen) 
  libiconv                       (Charles Wilson) 
  libiconv2                      (Charles Wilson) 
  libidl                         (Yaakov S)  
  libidl2                        (Yaakov S) 
  libintl                        (Charles Wilson) 
  libintl1                       (Charles Wilson) 
  libintl2                       (Charles Wilson) 
  libintl3                       (Charles Wilson) 
  libintl8                       (Charles Wilson) 
  libjbig-devel                  (Charles Wilson) 
  libjbig1                       (Charles Wilson) 
  libjbig2                       (Charles Wilson) 
  libjpeg-devel                  (Charles Wilson) 
  libjpeg62                      (Charles Wilson) 
  libjpeg6b                      (Charles Wilson) 
  libkpathsea3                   (Jan Nieuwenhuizen) 
  libkpathsea4                   (Jan Nieuwenhuizen) 
  libltdl3                       (Charles Wilson) 
  libmagick10                    (Volker Quetschke) 
  libmpfr-devel                  (David Billinghurst) 
  libmpfr0                       (David Billinghurst) 
  libmpfr1                       (David Billinghurst) 
  libncurses-devel               (Charles Wilson) 
  libncurses5                    (Charles Wilson) 
  libncurses6                    (Charles Wilson) 
  libncurses7                    (Charles Wilson) 
  libncurses8                    (Charles Wilson) 
  libneon24                      (Max Bowsher) 
  libneon25                      (Max Bowsher) 
  libneon26                      (Max Bowsher) 
  libnetpbm-devel                (Yaakov S) 
  libnetpbm10                    (Yaakov S) 
  libogg                         (Corinna Vinschen) 
  libogg-devel                   (Corinna Vinschen) 
  libogg0                        (Corinna Vinschen) 
  liboggflac++2                  (Corinna Vinschen) 
  liboggflac3                    (Corinna Vinschen) 
  libopenldap2                   (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  libopenldap2_2_7               (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  libopenldap2_3_0               (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  libpcre0                       (Yaakov S) 
  libpgtypes1                    (Reini Urban) 
  libpgtypes2                    (Reini Urban) 
  libplot2                       (James R. Phillips) 
  libplotter2                    (James R. Phillips) 
  libpng                         (Charles Wilson) 
  libpng10                       (Charles Wilson) 
  libpng10-devel                 (Charles Wilson) 
  libpng12                       (Charles Wilson) 
  libpng12-devel                 (Charles Wilson) 
  libpng2                        (Charles Wilson) 
  libpopt0                       (Christopher Faylor) 
  libpq-devel                    (Reini Urban) 
  libpq3                         (Reini Urban) 
  libpq4                         (Reini Urban) 
  libproj-devel                  (Charles Wilson) 
  libproj0                       (Charles Wilson) 
  libreadline4                   (Eric Blake) 
  libreadline5                   (Eric Blake) 
  libreadline6                   (Eric Blake) 
  libsasl2                       (Gareth Pearce) 
  libsasl2-devel                 (Gareth Pearce) 
  libsigsegv                     (Reini Urban) 
  libspeex1                      (Corinna Vinschen) 
  libssh2                        (Brian Dessent) 
  libssh2-devel                  (Brian Dessent) 
  libssh2_1                      (Brian Dessent) 
  libtiff-devel                  (Charles Wilson) 
  libtiff3                       (Charles Wilson) 
  libtiff4                       (Charles Wilson) 
  libtiff5                       (Charles Wilson) 
  libtiffxx-devel                (Charles Wilson) 
  libtiffxx5                     (Charles Wilson) 
  libtool1.5                     (Charles Wilson) 
  libungif                       (Yaakov S) 
  libungif4                      (Yaakov S) 
  libusb-win32                   (Samuel Thibault) 
  libvorbis                      (Corinna Vinschen) 
  libvorbis-devel                (Corinna Vinschen) 
  libvorbis0                     (Corinna Vinschen) 
  libvorbisenc2                  (Corinna Vinschen) 
  libvorbisfile3                 (Corinna Vinschen) 
  libwnck                        (Yaakov S) 
  libwnck-devel                  (Yaakov S) 
  libwnck-doc                    (Yaakov S) 
  libwnck1_18                    (Yaakov S) 
  libxdelta2                     (Eric Blake) 
  libxmi0                        (James R. Phillips) 
  libxml                         (Yaakov S) 
  libxml2                        (Yaakov S) 
  libxml2-devel                  (Yaakov S) 
  libxml2-doc                    (Yaakov S) 
  libxpm-nox                     (Charles Wilson) 
  libxpm-nox-devel               (Charles Wilson) 
  libxpm-nox_4                   (Charles Wilson) 
  libxslt                        (Yaakov S) 
  libxslt-devel                  (Yaakov S) 
  libxslt-doc                    (Yaakov S) 
  libzvt                         (Yaakov S) 
  lighttpd                       (Lapo Luchini) 
  lilypond                       (Jan Nieuwenhuizen) 
  lilypond-doc                   (Jan Nieuwenhuizen) 
  login                          (Corinna Vinschen) 
  lynx                           (Corinna Vinschen) 
  lyx                            (Bo Peng) 
  m4                             (Eric Blake) 
  make                           (Christopher Faylor) 
  man                            (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  mathomatic                     (Reini Urban) 
  mc                             (Pavel Tsekov) 
  mhash                          (Reini Urban) 
  mhash-devel                    (Reini Urban) 
  mined                          (Thomas Wolff) 
  mingw-bzip2                    (Charles Wilson) 
  mingw-libbz2_1                 (Charles Wilson) 
  mingw-runtime                  (Chris Sutcliffe) 
  mingw-zlib                     (Charles Wilson) 
  minires                        (Pierre A. Humblet) 
  minires-devel                  (Pierre A. Humblet) 
  mktemp                         (Charles Wilson) 
  mlcscope                       (Dave & Diane) 
  monotone                       (Lapo Luchini) 
  mpfr                           (David Billinghurst) 
  mt                             (Corinna Vinschen) 
  mtd                            (Sam Robb) 
  multitail                      (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  mutt                           (Gary R. Van Sickle / Christopher Faylor?) 
  naim                           (Jonathan C. Allen) 
  nano                           (Gareth Pearce) 
  nasm                           (Dean Scarff) 
  ncdu                           (Christian Franke) 
  ncftp                          (Jonathan C. Allen) 
  ncurses                        (Charles Wilson) 
  ncurses-demo                   (Charles Wilson) 
  neon                           (Max Bowsher) 
  netcat                         (Corinna Vinschen) 
  netpbm                         (Yaakov S) 
  netpbm-doc                     (Yaakov S) 
  nfs-server                     (Sam Robb) 
  numeric                        (Yaakov S) 
  ocaml                          (Igor Pechtchanski) 
  octave                         (James R. Phillips) 
  octave-doc                     (James R. Phillips) 
  octave-forge                   (James R. Phillips) 
  octave-headers                 (James R. Phillips) 
  octave-htmldoc                 (James R. Phillips) 
  octave-info                    (James R. Phillips) 
  octave-otags                   (James R. Phillips) 
  opengl                         (Andre Bleau) 
  openldap                       (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  openldap-devel                 (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  openssh                        (Corinna Vinschen) 
  openssl                        (Corinna Vinschen) 
  openssl-devel                  (Corinna Vinschen) 
  openssl097                     (Corinna Vinschen) 
  orbit                          (Yaakov S) 
  orbit-devel                    (Yaakov S) 
  orbit2                         (Yaakov S) 
  orbit2-devel                   (Yaakov S) 
  orbit2-doc                     (Yaakov S) 
  orpie                          (Andrew Schulman) 
  pango                          (Yaakov S) 
  pango-devel                    (Yaakov S) 
  pango-doc                      (Yaakov S) 
  pango-runtime                  (Yaakov S) 
  par                            (Lapo Luchini) 
  patch                          (Corinna Vinschen) 
  patchutils                     (Max Bowsher) 
  pcre                           (Yaakov S) 
  pcre-devel                     (Yaakov S) 
  pcre-doc                       (Yaakov S) 
  pdksh                          (Igor Pechtchanski) 
  perl                           (Reini Urban) 
  perl-extutils-depends          (Yaakov S) 
  perl-extutils-pkgconfig        (Yaakov S) 
  perl-image-magick              (Volker Quetschke) 
  perl-libwin32                  (Reini Urban) 
  perl-tk                        (Yaakov S) 
  perl-win32-gui                 (Reini Urban) 
  perl_manpages                  (Reini Urban) 
  pine                           (Igor Pechtchanski) 
  ping                           (Lino Miguel Martins Tinoco) 
  pkg-config                     (Charles Wilson) 
  pkgconfig                      (Charles Wilson) 
  ploticus                       (Andrew Schulman) 
  ploticus-common                (Andrew Schulman) 
  ploticus-doc                   (Andrew Schulman) 
  plotutils                      (James R. Phillips) 
  plotutils-devel                (James R. Phillips) 
  plotutils-doc                  (James R. Phillips) 
  popt                           (Christopher Faylor) 
  postgresql                     (Jason Tishler < 7.x / Reini Urban >= 8.x) 
  postgresql-client              (Reini Urban) 
  postgresql-contrib             (Reini Urban) 
  postgresql-devel               (Reini Urban) 
  postgresql-doc                 (Reini Urban) 
  postgresql-plperl              (Reini Urban) 
  postgresql-plpython            (Reini Urban) 
  pr3287                         (Peter A. Castro) 
  procmail                       (Jason Tishler) 
  procps                         (Chris January) 
  proftpd                        (Jason Tishler) 
  proj                           (Charles Wilson) 
  psmisc                         (Corinna Vinschen) 
  pstoedit                       (James R. Phillips) 
  pstoedit-devel                 (James R. Phillips) 
  psutils                        (Daniel Boesswetter) 
  pygtk2                         (Yaakov S) 
  pylibxml2                      (Yaakov S) 
  pylibxslt                      (Yaakov S) 
  python                         (Jason Tishler) 
  python-brlapi                  (Samuel Thibault) 
  python-libxml2                 (Yaakov S) 
  python-libxslt                 (Yaakov S) 
  python-pyrex                   (Samuel Thibault) 
  qt3                            (Yaakov S) 
  qt3-bin                        (Yaakov S) 
  qt3-devel                      (Yaakov S) 
  qt3-doc                        (Yaakov S) 
  quilt                          (Jari Aalto) 
  readline                       (Eric Blake) 
  rebase                         (Jason Tishler) 
  rlwrap                         (Mauricio Antune) 
  robots                         (Corinna Vinschen) 
  rpm                            (Christopher Faylor) 
  rpm-build                      (Christopher Faylor) 
  rpm-doc                        (Christopher Faylor) 
  rsync                          (Lapo Luchini) 
  ruby                           (Corinna Vinschen) 
  run                            (Alexander Gottwald) 
  rxvt                           (Charles Wilson) 
  rxvt-unicode-common            (Charles Wilson) 
  rxvt-unicode-x                 (Charles Wilson) 
  s3270                          (Peter A. Castro) 
  screen                         (Andrew Schulman) 
  sed                            (Corinna Vinschen) 
  shared-mime-info               (Yaakov S) 
  sharutils                      (Eric Blake) 
  shutdown                       (Corinna Vinschen) 
  singular-base                  (Oliver Wienand) 
  singular-help                  (Oliver Wienand) 
  singular-icons                 (Oliver Wienand) 
  singular-share                 (Oliver Wienand) 
  singular-surf                  (Oliver Wienand) 
  smartmontools                  (Christian Franke) 
  speex                          (Corinna Vinschen) 
  speex-devel                    (Corinna Vinschen) 
  ssmtp                          (Charles Wilson) 
  startup-notification           (Yaakov S) 
  stow                           (Andrew Schulman) 
  stunnel                        (Andrew Schulman) 
  subversion                     (Max Bowsher) 
  subversion-apache2             (Max Bowsher) 
  subversion-devel               (Max Bowsher) 
  subversion-perl                (Max Bowsher) 
  subversion-python              (Max Bowsher) 
  subversion-ruby                (Max Bowsher) 
  suite3270                      (Peter A. Castro) 
  sunrpc                         (Sam Robb) 
  swi-prolog                     (Corinna Vinschen) 
  swig                           (Max Bowsher) 
  syslog-ng                      (Corinna Vinschen) 
  t1lib                          (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  t1lib-x11                      (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  tar                            (Eric Blake) 
  tcl-brlapi                     (Samuel Thibault) 
  tcl3270                        (Peter A. Castro) 
  tcltk                          (Christopher Faylor) 
  tcm                            (Daniel Boesswetter) 
  tcp_wrappers                   (Bryan D. Thomas) 
  tcsh                           (Corinna Vinschen) 
  termcap                        (Christopher Faylor) 
  terminfo                       (Charles Wilson) 
  tetex                          (Jan Nieuwenhuizen) 
  tetex-base                     (Jan Nieuwenhuizen) 
  tetex-bin                      (Jan Nieuwenhuizen) 
  tetex-devel                    (Jan Nieuwenhuizen) 
  tetex-doc                      (Jan Nieuwenhuizen) 
  tetex-extra                    (Jan Nieuwenhuizen) 
  tetex-tiny                     (Jan Nieuwenhuizen) 
  tetex-x11                      (Jan Nieuwenhuizen) 
  texi2html                      (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  texinfo                        (Christopher Faylor) 
  texmacs                        (Andreas Seidl) 
  tidy                           (Lapo Luchini) 
  tiff                           (Charles Wilson) 
  tiff-doc                       (Charles Wilson) 
  time                           (Christopher Faylor) 
  tin                            (Corinna Vinschen) 
  tinyirc                        (Jari Aalto) 
  typespeed                      (Lapo Luchini) 
  tzcode                         (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  ucl                            (Lapo Luchini) 
  unison2.13                     (Andrew Schulman) 
  unison2.17                     (Andrew Schulman) 
  unison2.27                     (Andrew Schulman) 
  units                          (John Morrison) 
  unzip                          (Charles Wilson) 
  upx                            (Lapo Luchini) 
  util-linux                     (Yaakov S) 
  vim                            (Corinna Vinschen) 
  vorbis-tools                   (Corinna Vinschen) 
  w32api                         (Chris Sutcliffe) 
  w3m                            (Bob Heckel) 
  wget                           (Eric Blake) 
  which                          (Corinna Vinschen) 
  whois                          (Lapo Luchini) 
  wordnet                        (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  wtf                            (Igor Pechtchanski) 
  x3270                          (Peter A. Castro) 
  xbrlapi                        (Samuel Thibault) 
  xdelta                         (Eric Blake) 
  xdelta-devel                   (Eric Blake) 
  xemacs                         (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  xemacs-emacs-common            (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  xemacs-mule-sumo               (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  xemacs-sumo                    (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  xemacs-tags                    (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  xmhtml                         (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  xpdf                           (Dr. Volker Zell) 
  xpm-nox                        (Charles Wilson) 
  xsri                           (Charles Wilson) 
  zip                            (Charles Wilson) 
  zlib                           (Charles Wilson) 
  zsh                            (Peter A. Castro) 

Corinna Vinschen                  Please, send mails regarding Cygwin to
Cygwin Project Co-Leader          cygwin AT cygwin DOT com
Red Hat

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