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Re: Upload: pinfo-0.6.9-1 [Was: Package maintainer list]

Lapo Luchini wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> Right, it requires libncurses8.  It seems most requirements are
>> unnecessary.  pinfo.exe does neither link against libiconv, nor libintl.
>> And, does it really require the man and texinfo packages?  Does pinfo
>> call the man and info binaries under the hood?
> I'll check it better on a clean environment this evening, to be sure.
It does not call them under the hood, it does indeed uses texinfo to
compile his own info, but that's build-time-only.
I wonder why they were in the old setup.hint, but OTOH, do all those
other packages really need texinfo at *runtime*?
autoconf2.5, automake1.10, automake1.4, automake1.5, automake1.6,
automake1.7, automake1.8, automake1.9, cygwin-doc, gettext-devel,
libtool1.5, octave, _update-info-dir

It does indeed need libiconv and libintl, but it currently links them
I'll investigate that a bit further and either convince it to use the
shared ones or correct the setup.hint.
(0.6.8 did indeed use the shared ones)

Lapo Luchini (OpenPGP & X.509) (Jabber, ICQ, MSN)

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