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Re: CMake 2.4.7-1 ready

Bill Hoffman wrote:

> OK, I am lost here.   Apparently my recent CMake 2.4.7 files are broken
> for cygwin setup for some reason.  Has anything changed in cygwin setup
> recently in the untar section?   Is there a more verbose mode that setup
> can be run in?

No, nothing's changed in the untar code in forever.  I debugged it and
the problem is that setup does not recognise the file as a valid tar
archive.  What version of tar did you use to create it?

The problem is the 'magic' field of the tar header (offset 257).  Setup
expects this to contain "ustar" followed by two spaces and a trailing

    62    if (original->peek (magic, longest_magic) > 0)
    63      {
    64        if (memcmp (&magic[257], "ustar\040\040\0", 8) == 0)
    65          {
    66            /* tar */
    67            archive_tar *rv = new archive_tar (original);
    68            if (!rv->error ())
    69              return rv;
    70            return NULL;
    71          }

However, the cmake-2.4.7-1.tar does not contain this magic field (it
contains "ustar\0" followed by "00") so setup does not think it's a
valid tar file.  I tried simply repacking the file with command line tar
and it has the proper magic, so I can only conclude that whatever tar or
tar options you used were not compatible.

Setup should give a better log file diagnostic in this case though, and
I'll work on that now.


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