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DocBook packaging

I handle upstream release tasks for some DocBook Project releases
(the DocBook XSL Stylesheets and some others), and I'm writing to
invite anybody who has an interest in DocBook-related packages
for Cygwin to subscribe to a new "docbook-packagers" mailing list
I recently set up:

I set up the list to provide a forum for discussion among downstream
packagers of DocBook Project releases and to give the DocBook project
a means to directly communicate with downstream packagers as a group.

Packagers and others from the Mandriva, Debian, Fedora/Red Hat,
and MacPorts are already subscribed to the list. Subscribing to it
won't obligate you to actually do anything. It's just a way for
you to stay informed about upstream DocBook releases. I anticipate
that it will be very low-traffic.

I understand that since the time when Marcel Telka was maintaining
the Cygwin docbook-xml and docbook-xsl packages, the packages have
been orphaned. For anybody who might be considering adopting those
packages, I just want to let you know that were you do so, you'd
have my full support to help in whatever way I can with any issues
or questions you might have -- and you'd also have the
docbook-packagers mailing list to turn to for getting help from
packagers for other distributions/projects.


Michael(tm) Smith

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