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Re: [ITP] libserf, libserf-devel, libserf0 - HTTP client library

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David Rothenberger wrote:
| I'm ITP'ing this in preparation for packaging subversion-1.5.1.
| serf[1] is included in Debian testing[2], but I could not find it in
| Fedora or SuSE.

Probably because subversion-1.5 itself is only in testing.

| Hence, I guess I require five GTGs.

Well, five votes. One GTG should suffice. :-)


As for a review, I'd say not quite yet, although the issues are minor.
The build and install are fine, but I think the packaging could be revised.

1) AFAICS there's no reason not to use serf as the $PN.
2) cygport now supports creating an empty binary package, so the docs
could go together with the DLL, and the latter would not dep the former.
3) The devel package should also require apr1, aprutil1, openssl-devel,
and zlib, since will pull these libs in when linking with
4) IMO the libraries should be libserf0_0 and libserf0-devel.  The first
zero is part of the library name itself (, and the second
the current libtool version.

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