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Re: [PATCH] Two fixes for setup postinstall handling.

Dave Korn wrote:

>   30 packages have it right.  202 have it wrong.
>   This suggests to me that relying on a manual system is not working.

Point taken.  However in the vast majority of those cases the
topological order is not significantly adversely affected, it's only a
select few (or one?) packages that are at issue.   As a short term fix
if we can correct those errant few that do actually cause a scratch
install to go off the rails I think we should do that since it's such an
easy fix that requires no releasing or upgrading anything.

For the long term, we can add special casing for one special package, or
we can transition to a world where that one package does not need
special treatment; or we can do both.  In either case there is a time
delay: in the former, it is users continuing to use older versions of
setup, in the latter it's that we cannot demand or expect immediate
maintainer action on Eric's part.

So I suppose my point then is that we should do the short term fix


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