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FW: No bash.exe in bin after "successful" installation

Monwhea Jeng wrote on 20 August 2008 18:19:

> I've downloaded all files for installing everything
> (not just the defaults). Setup claims a successful
> setup, and the setup.log.full files reports no errors.
> However, when I click on the cygwin icon, a window
> opens and closes very quickly. When I open up a
> Windows command prompt, and run cygwin.bat from the
> command line, it tells me that 'bash' is not
> recognized as a command. And indeed, when I go to the
> bin directory, I see no bash.exe (although there are a
> host of other executables there). I didn't find this
> problem discussed on the mailing archives or Google
> groups (although I note that
> reports a problem with the same symptoms).

  Twice in one day now.  I suspect that the changes we made to resolve the
postinstall circular dependencies aren't actually working as well as we hoped.
I'll try a completely fresh install from blank later tonight when I get home.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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