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Re: [ITP] task-1.7.1-1 (pinging for awaiting review)

> ?The normal procedure (see "Package acceptation") is that after getting a GTG
> for your new package, you send an RFU separately and then whichever of cgf and
> corinna gets to it first uploads. ?I'm not sure it would be right for the
> reviewer to go ahead and upload it directly - having a second pair of eyes
> helps catch anything the reviewer might have missed, like for instance this:

I will do then a RFU just for cygwin 1.5 for the time being - and
later on for 1.7.

> ?I think you should replace "to do list" by "to-do list" or maybe "TO-DO
> list" throughout :-)

You know, I/we had the capitalized "TO-DO" version first. And while
submitting it to Ubuntu/Debian then encouraged us to change it to "to
do". So I guess there are endless ways of writing this...

> includes "--docdir=/usr/share/doc/task"; but after the build, the docs end up
> in .../doc/task-1.7.1, which is strange. ?And the technique of using a tar

The file has a specific explicit mentioning of

     docdir = $(datadir)/doc/${PACKAGE}-${VERSION}

> 2) Remove the PKG_* and DOCS definitions from your cygport, and add a line
> reading:
> _CYGPORT_RESTRICT_postinst_doc_=1
> ?This gets us a package in the 1.5 style, with versioned Cygwin/README and
> doc/ dirs.

I would tend to do this as it makes the "installed" base of files more
consistent acorss versions unless there is a reason/decision not to do
it anymore.


Thanks for the help.


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