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Re: ITP: libAfterImage

On 11/01/2010 01:24, Charles Wilson wrote:
Well, the documentation was wrong.  Looking at the AfterStep source
code, the libAfterImage code in the AfterStep 2.2.9 tarball is somewhat
newer.  But it's still not clear whether AfterStep's libAfterImage is
suitable for use by other clients.  I guess we can hope...

FWIW, aterm-1.0.1 builds and AFAICS works fine with AfterStep.

OK, we can try it your way.

I've attached what I have so far. Right now, though, I'm getting SEGVs from the accompanying tools from libAfterBase/xprop.c:intern_atom_list(); I haven't been able to pinpoint the cause yet.

> You might want to grab the .patch files from my package, and apply
> them in the libAfterImage/ subdirectory of your AfterStep source...

I looked at them, but except for ABI-versioning the DLLs, I don't think they are needed.

I'm a little disappointed to see the direction that upstream
rxvt-unicode development has gone. I mean, making a "lightweight"
terminal emulator dependent upon a library that is "best" provided by
compiling an entire window manager suite?

You'd expect that with, say, Konsole or Gnome-Terminal, but rxvt? WTF?

Guess what: you don't need to compile any WMs to build Konsole, Gnome-Terminal, Xfce Terminal, LXTerminal, Eterm, or any other VT that I can recall.

a project goes where the majority of its active contributors take it

I think that pretty well sums up open source projects in general. :-)


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