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Re: ITP: libAfterImage

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
> On 11/01/2010 01:24, Charles Wilson wrote:
>> Well, the documentation was wrong.  Looking at the AfterStep source
>> code, the libAfterImage code in the AfterStep 2.2.9 tarball is somewhat
>> newer.  But it's still not clear whether AfterStep's libAfterImage is
>> suitable for use by other clients.  I guess we can hope...
> FWIW, aterm-1.0.1 builds and AFAICS works fine with AfterStep.

OK, that's reassuring.

>> OK, we can try it your way.
> I've attached what I have so far.  Right now, though, I'm getting SEGVs
> from the accompanying tools from
> libAfterBase/xprop.c:intern_atom_list(); I haven't been able to pinpoint
> the cause yet.
>> You might want to grab the .patch files from my package, and apply
>> them in the libAfterImage/ subdirectory of your AfterStep source...
> I looked at them, but except for ABI-versioning the DLLs, I don't think
> they are needed.

Your call, obviously.

>> I'm a little disappointed to see the direction that upstream
>> rxvt-unicode development has gone. I mean, making a "lightweight"
>> terminal emulator dependent upon a library that is "best" provided by
>> compiling an entire window manager suite?
>> You'd expect that with, say, Konsole or Gnome-Terminal, but rxvt?  WTF?
> Guess what: you don't need to compile any WMs to build Konsole,
> Gnome-Terminal, Xfce Terminal, LXTerminal, Eterm, or any other VT that I
> can recall.

Geez, that just makes my point even better.  You don't need to compile a
window manager as a prerequisite for Gnome-Terminal (Gnome) or Konsole
(KDE), but you DO need to compile one as a prereq for the "lightweight"
rxvt (even if you don't actually have to RUN or install that window
manager itself, just the libAfterImage component).

>> a project goes where the majority of its active contributors take it
> I think that pretty well sums up open source projects in general. :-)

A truism, certainly.


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