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Re: [ITP] librsvg2

On 11/01/2010 08:07, Charles Wilson wrote:
Suppose ABI #3 is released

It won't be; librsvg follows the standard GNOME pattern of keeping API stability by keeping deprecated features while adding new ones. The next change would be a separate librsvg3, probably later this year when glib and gtk+ 3.0 are released.

Furthermore, neither ImageMagick nor libAfterImage care about gtk's
ability to load the svgs -- they don't need
    /etc/postinstall/ (which only has anything to do with

Despite the path, it is really a plugin for GdkPixbuf and does not depend on GTK+. Hence, there are no extra dependencies for the SVG loader, since librsvg2 itself also depends on libgdk_pixbuf2.0.

OTOH I'm not opposed to separating the loader into its own package.

I think svg_loader* and the postinstall script should go into a new
package "gtk2.0-loaders-svg",

gdk-pixbuf2.0-svg would be more accurate, and this naming scheme is also used by the WMF loader provided by libwmf.

and the /usr/share/doc/librsvg2/* should go into a new package
> "librsvg2-doc" along with all of the html/* files from librsvg2-devel.

The docs in $pkgdocdir are the standard COPYING/NEWS/README docs that all users should receive, but the html docs in librsvg2-devel are gtk-doc API documentation that would only be of interest to developers and packagers.

Otherwise, rebuilds fine from source and passes its builtin testsuite.

Thanks for the review,


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