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Re: Is anyone looking into the file-in-use setup.exe problems?

On Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 11:33:34AM -0500, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>It seems pretty clear that something is broken in setup's file-in-use
>There seems to be recent breakage in that an in-use cygwin1.dll may cause
>the whole cygwin package to not be installed.
>But there is also, I think, a more fundamental problem.  If you can't
>install cygwin then setup.exe should not be attempting to run
>post-install scripts since they will likely break.
>More generally, if the installation of a package dependency fails then
>the package post-install script should probably be delayed into system
>Do I have this right?  Is anyone thinking about looking into this or
>does anyone have any insight into the recent breakage?

I've just fixed a bug that may have been the root cause of this problem.
I could easily reproduce the problem by running a "sleep" trying to
install.  A retry would "succeed" but actually cause a bogus file to be
created.  And, a continue would cause similar confusion.  I couldn't
find any problems after my fix was implemented.

There is a new version of setup.exe installed.  If we continue to see
people complaining about missing files I'll investigate further but I
hope this problem is now gone.


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