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[ITP] makeself-2.1.5


This is to propose the inclusion of makeself in the cygwin repo.

The web page of the project is:
This package is available in Debian:

sdec:           "utility to generate self-extractable archives"
ldesc:          "makeself is a small shell script that generates a
self-extractable archive from a directory. The resulting file 
appears as a shell script (many of those have a .run suffix), and 
can be launched as is. The archive will then uncompress itself to 
a temporary directory and an optional arbitrary command will be 
executed (for example an installation script). 
This is pretty similar to archives generated with WinZip
Self-Extractor in the Windows world. Makeself archives also include
checksums for integrity self-validation (CRC and/or MD5 checksums)."
curr:           2.1.5-1
category:       utils
requires:       dash

Packages are be available from:

Although I stuck to to prepare this, and
to me it looks OK, please let me know if the packaging is incorrect, 
some file is missing, etc...


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