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Re: [ITP] makeself-2.1.5

On 2010/04/10 8:58 AM, wrote:
> Packages are be available from:
> Although I stuck to to prepare this, and
> to me it looks OK, please let me know if the packaging is incorrect, 
> some file is missing, etc...

I had a look at the above tarballs. My critique:

The src tarball contains just the upstream source with 'setup.hint'
added. It does not include a build script, so it is not clear how the
binary package tarball was built.

Ideally the src tarball contents should include at least the following:
(1) the unmodified upstream source, and
(2) a build script (a shell script, or a .cygport, or something similar)
that creates the source and binary tarballs from the upstream source.

As it stands currently, the src package is not acceptable.

The binary tarball looks mostly okay. However, it is missing the
Cygwin-specific document, which should be named:

The 'setup.hint' looks okay, although it includes a "curr:" line which
is unnecessary and should be removed.

Best regards,

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