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Re: [PATCH] Incidental setup.exe patches #1: Add busy cursor.

On Apr 12 22:30, Dave Korn wrote:
>   While working on setup I've ended up fixing a few uncontroversial bits and
> pieces along the way, so I'd like to separate those patches out and send them
> first.  Here's one that adds support in the Window class for enabling the
> busy/hourglass cursor, and invokes it in a couple of places where we have long
> operations.  It's not comprehensive but it's a start and makes it trivial for
> us to fix for any other long-running operation we want the user not to worry
> has crashed.
>   There's also one unrelated change in there which I considered too close to
> an obvious fix to think worth separating out.  In all windows applications,
> there is one HINSTANCE handle to the singleton application instance, and as is
> traditional setup.exe keeps a global static copy of that handle for use when
> needed by the Windows GUI APIs.  It's a singleton, it's pointed to by a static
> class member, and the setter method is a static member method (hence can be
> called without a this-pointer); I'm sure it's just a trivial oversight that
> the getter method is in fact non-static and thus requires a this-pointer only
> in order to ignore the object instance it points to and return a global.
> (This has made no difference yet because all existing calls to GetInstance
> just happen to be inside non-static member functions of the various dialog
> page classes derived from Window, and so have suitable this-pointers available
> to invoke it with, but that's by good fortune rather than necessity, and
> anyway, let's save ourselves some register pressure by not passing an unused
> parameter....)
> 	* (Window::Window): Initialise BusyCount and BusyCursor.
> 	(Window::SetBusy): Set hourglass cursor, counting nested activations.
> 	(Window::ClearBusy): Cancel one call to SetBusy and restore original
> 	cursor if no longer busy.
> 	* window.h (Window::BusyCount): New data member.
> 	(Window::OldCursor): Likewise.
> 	(Window::BusyCursor): Likewise.
> 	(Window::SetBusy): Prototype.
> 	(Window::ClearBusy): Likewise.
> 	* (ChooserPage::createListview): Invoke busy cursor
> 	around long-running operation.
> 	(ChooserPage::OnInit): Likewise.
> 	(ChooserPage::changeTrust): Likewise.
> 	* (PickCategoryLine::set_action): Likewise.
>   OK?

Sure, looks good to me.


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