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Re: [PATCH] Incidental setup.exe patches #2: Fix chooser vertical scroll bar.

On Apr 12 22:59, Dave Korn wrote:
>     Hi,
>   Here's another one I noticed: the vertical scroll bar doesn't get adjusted
> when you resize the chooser vertically.  It does get reproportioned correctly
> when you click anywhere in the chooser (or change mode or do anything that
> triggers a full redraw), and this patch factors out the code to adjust it into
> a routine that can be called from both clicks and resize operations.  While
> it's doing that, it clears up a bit of naming confusion where variables with
> names relating to "ClientRect" are used to store details that are actually
> those returned from GetWindowRect(); I figured that would look doubly
> confusing when I went and introduced an actual GetClientRect() call in the
> same area if I didn't clean it up.
> 	* PickView.h (PickView::set_vscroll_info): Add prototype.
> 	(PickView::hasClientRect): Rename from this ...
> 	(PickView::hasWindowRect): ... to this ...
> 	(PickView::lastClientRect): ... and from this ...
> 	(PickView::lastWindowRect): ... to this.
> 	* (PickView::PickView): Adjust member init to match.
> 	(PickView::set_vscroll_info): Abstract code to set vertical scroll
> 	bar proportions from ...
> 	(PickView::list_click): ... here.  Call it.  Fix comment typo.
> 	(PickView::WindowProc): Update all renamed variables in WM_SIZE
> 	case, and check also for a y delta, calling set_vscroll_info if so.
>   OK?



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