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Re: [ITP] makeself-2.1.5

On 2010-04-13 14:51, wrote:
I have been trying to figure out the right way to rebuild this package
from the upstream sources, but I come across this particularities:

   -the upstream sources are already distributed in *.run format,
   meaning they are packaged using makeself.

That is a bit tricky, but almost always is there another way to get the sources. In this case you can just get them from the git repo.

   -this package consist of two shell scripts, plus the man page and
   doc files, so there is no "config-make-make install" process.

Which means you need to "install" the files manually.

These facts make me think the standard procedure of re-building a
package doesn't fit here.

No, this always applies, it's just much shorter in this case.

I also read the Cygwin Package Contributor's Guide, and downloaded some
more-or-less simple packages to see how this task is acomplished.
No surprise in finding different approaches: some use a script, others
the still obscure to me cygport util...

My question, then, is this:
What do you think would be the proper way in this case?

   -the cygport procedure applies, and is mandatory, for process
   standarization. Just Learn How (TM).

cygport isn't mandatory, but it is strongly recommended (although I am biased :-)). I have attached a .cygport which should do the trick, and hopefully together with the cygport documentation you will be able to understand what it is doing.


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