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Re: [ITP] makeself-2.1.5

On 2010/04/17 1:24 AM, wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 05:47:58PM -0700, Steven Monai wrote:
>> On 2010/04/14 1:43 PM, d.sastre.medina wrote:
>>> New packages are available at:
>> I can't download these. For some reason, the web server closes the
>> connection prematurely:
> I'm sorry for all the inconvenience. The machine hosting these files
> is powered off between 12:00 PM - 8:00 AM (spanish time) every day. 

Did you mean to say 12:00 _AM_ (midnight) - 8:00 AM ?

Anyway, the packages and setup.hint look good. Also, I was able to
rebuild the packages using the instructions in the 'makeself.README'
file. Thus, I give 'makeself' a GTG.

(-) The 'makeself.README' file does not mention 'cygport' as a build
requirement. However, the build instructions clearly show cygport being
used, so I consider that only a minor oversight.

(-) The src package included cryptographic signatures, which is a nice
touch. Unfortunately, the signing key used (98A5C953) was expired (as of
2010-04-04), so, strictly speaking, the signatures cannot be considered

Best regards,

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