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Re: [ITP-again] Re: [ITP] libelf

On 31/05/2010 16:54, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On May 31 15:34, Dave Korn wrote:
>> On 31/05/2010 07:23, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
>>> On 2010-05-29 17:28, Dave Korn wrote:
>>>>    So, since you asked, would you care to give it a once over and
>>>> check that I
>>>> got all the cygport stuff right this time?
>>> Looks like that works.
>>   Thanks for double checking, I'll upload it and send an -announce.
> Care to update the cygwin-pkg-maint file as well?

  Done.  While I was doing that, I noticed a few minor ordering errors appear
to have crept in with time; shall we run 'sort' on it?

--- cygwin-pkg-maint	2010-06-01 02:55:54.703125000 +0100
+++ .p	2010-06-01 02:57:46.296875000 +0100
@@ -39,8 +39,8 @@ atk-devel                       OBSOLETE
 atk-doc                         OBSOLETE (Yaakov S)
 atk-runtime                     OBSOLETE (Yaakov S)
 atk1.0                          Yaakov S
-attr                            Corinna Vinschen
 atool                           Andrew Schulman
+attr                            Corinna Vinschen
 audiofile                       Yaakov S
 autoconf                        Charles Wilson
 autoconf-devel                  OBSOLETE (Charles Wilson)
@@ -83,9 +83,9 @@ boost-devel                     ORPHANED
 botan                           Lapo Luchini
 boxes                           Jari Aalto
 brltty                          Samuel Thibault
+bsdcpio                         Charles Wilson
 bsdiff                          Lapo Luchini
 bsdtar                          Charles Wilson
-bsdcpio                         Charles Wilson
 bsfilter                        Jari Aalto
 bsflite                         Jonathan C. Allen
 build-docbook-catalog           Yaakov S
@@ -327,8 +327,8 @@ gconf2-doc                      OBSOLETE
 gd                              Dr. Volker Zell
 gdb                             Christopher Faylor
 gdbm                            Charles Wilson
-gdk-pixbuf2.0-svg               Yaakov S
 gdk-pixbuf2-wmf                 Dr. Volker Zell
+gdk-pixbuf2.0-svg               Yaakov S
 genisoimage                     Christian Franke
 geoip                           Jari Aalto
 getmail                         Jari Aalto
@@ -463,8 +463,8 @@ libAfterImage                   Charles
 libAfterImage-devel             Charles Wilson
 libAfterImage0                  Charles Wilson
 libXpm-noX                      Charles Wilson
-libXpm-noX_4                    Charles Wilson
 libXpm-noX-devel                Charles Wilson
+libXpm-noX_4                    Charles Wilson
 libaa1                          Dr. Volker Zell
 libao                           David Rothenberger
 libao-devel                     David Rothenberger
@@ -488,8 +488,8 @@ libassuan                       Charles
 libassuan-devel                 Charles Wilson
 libatk1.0-devel                 Yaakov S
 libatk1.0_0                     Yaakov S
-libattr1                        Corinna Vinschen
 libattr-devel                   Corinna Vinschen
+libattr1                        Corinna Vinschen
 libaudiofile-devel              Yaakov S
 libaudiofile0                   Yaakov S
 libautotrace-devel              Dr. Volker Zell
@@ -537,8 +537,8 @@ libdb4.5                        Dr. Volk
 libdb4.5-devel                  Dr. Volker Zell
 libdbus-glib_1-devel            Yaakov S
 libdbus-glib_1_2                Yaakov S
-libdbus1_2                      Yaakov S
 libdbus1-devel                  Yaakov S
+libdbus1_2                      Yaakov S
 libdmx                          Yaakov S
 libdmx-devel                    Yaakov S
 libdmx1                         Yaakov S
@@ -585,8 +585,8 @@ libfpx                          Dr. Volk
 libfpx-devel                    Dr. Volker Zell
 libfpx1                         Dr. Volker Zell
 libfreetype-devel               Yaakov S
-libfreetype26                   OBSOLETE (Yaakov S)
 libfreetype2-devel              OBSOLETE (Yaakov S)
+libfreetype26                   OBSOLETE (Yaakov S)
 libfreetype6                    Yaakov S
 libgailutil-devel               Yaakov S
 libgailutil18                   Yaakov S
@@ -608,10 +608,10 @@ libgdbm3                        Charles
 libgdbm4                        Charles Wilson
 libgdk_imlib-devel              Yaakov S
 libgdk_imlib1                   Yaakov S
-libgdk_pixbuf_xlib2.0-devel     Yaakov S
-libgdk_pixbuf_xlib2.0_0         Yaakov S
 libgdk_pixbuf2.0-devel          Yaakov S
 libgdk_pixbuf2.0_0              Yaakov S
+libgdk_pixbuf_xlib2.0-devel     Yaakov S
+libgdk_pixbuf_xlib2.0_0         Yaakov S
 libgeotiff                      Charles Wilson
 libgeotiff-devel                Charles Wilson
 libgeotiff1                     Charles Wilson
@@ -681,9 +681,9 @@ libgnomeprintui2.2-devel        Yaakov S
 libgnomeprintui2.2_0            Yaakov S
 libgnomeprintui22               OBSOLETE (Yaakov S)
 libgnomeui2                     Yaakov S
-libgnomeui2_0                   Yaakov S
 libgnomeui2-devel               Yaakov S
 libgnomeui2-doc                 OBSOLETE (Yaakov S)
+libgnomeui2_0                   Yaakov S
 libgnomevfs2-devel              Yaakov S
 libgnomevfs2_0                  Yaakov S
 libgnutls11                     Dr. Volker Zell
@@ -781,11 +781,11 @@ libmpfr-devel                   David Bi
 libmpfr0                        David Billinghurst
 libmpfr1                        David Billinghurst
 libncurses-devel                Charles Wilson
+libncurses10                    Charles Wilson
 libncurses5                     Charles Wilson
 libncurses6                     Charles Wilson
 libncurses7                     Charles Wilson
 libncurses8                     Charles Wilson
-libncurses10                    Charles Wilson
 libncursesw-devel                Charles Wilson
 libncursesw10                   Charles Wilson
 libneon-devel                   Dr. Volker Zell
@@ -934,8 +934,8 @@ libtool                         Charles
 libtool-devel                   OBSOLETE (Charles Wilson)
 libtool-stable                  OBSOLETE (Charles Wilson)
 libtool1.5                      OBSOLETE (Charles Wilson)
-libungif-devel                  Yaakov S
 libungif                        OBSOLETE (Yaakov S)
+libungif-devel                  Yaakov S
 libungif4                       Yaakov S
 libusb-1.0                      Samuel Thibault
 libusb-win32                    Samuel Thibault
@@ -1032,10 +1032,10 @@ libxdelta2                      Eric Bla
 libxdmcp                        Yaakov S
 libxdmcp-devel                  Yaakov S
 libxdmcp6                       Yaakov S
+libxerces-c-devel               Charles Wilson
 libxerces-c24                   Charles Wilson
 libxerces-c25                   Charles Wilson
 libxerces-c30                   Charles Wilson
-libxerces-c-devel               Charles Wilson
 libxevie                        OBSOLETE (Yaakov S)
 libxevie-devel                  OBSOLETE (Yaakov S)
 libxevie1                       OBSOLETE (Yaakov S)
@@ -1114,8 +1114,8 @@ luit                            Yaakov S
 lv                              Jari Aalto
 lynx                            Corinna Vinschen
 lyx                             Bo Peng
-lzma                            OBSOLETE (Jari Aalto)
 lzip                            JonY
+lzma                            OBSOLETE (Jari Aalto)
 lzop                            Jari Aalto
 m4                              Eric Blake
 mairix                          Jari Aalto
@@ -1148,10 +1148,10 @@ mingw-libgpg-error0             Charles
 mingw-liblzma-devel             Charles Wilson
 mingw-liblzma1                  Charles Wilson
 mingw-runtime                   Chris Sutcliffe
+mingw-xz                        Charles Wilson
 mingw-zlib                      Charles Wilson
 mingw-zlib-devel                Charles Wilson
 mingw-zlib0                     Charles Wilson
-mingw-xz                        Charles Wilson
 minires                         Pierre A. Humblet
 minires-devel                   Pierre A. Humblet
 mintty                          Andy Koppe
@@ -1414,8 +1414,8 @@ speex-devel                     David Ro
 splint                          Jari Aalto
 squid                           Dr. Volker Zell
 ssmtp                           Charles Wilson
-startup-notification-devel      OBSOLETE (Yaakov S)
 startup-notification            Yaakov S
+startup-notification-devel      OBSOLETE (Yaakov S)
 steghide                        Jari Aalto
 stgit                           Jari Aalto
 stow                            Andrew Schulman
@@ -1677,8 +1677,8 @@ xwud                            Yaakov S
 xz                              Charles Wilson
 zip                             Charles Wilson
 zlib                            Charles Wilson
-zlib0                           Charles Wilson
 zlib-devel                      Charles Wilson
+zlib0                           Charles Wilson
 zoo                             Jari Aalto
 zsh                             Peter A. Castro
 zsync                           Jari Aalto

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