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Re: default terminal

On 01/06/2010 19:19, Andy Koppe wrote:
> On 1 June 2010 00:14, Charles Wilson wrote:

>>  Perhaps,
>> instead, setup could create two shortcuts instead of just one.  The
>> first would be the same link to cygwin.bat we currently have "Cygwin";
>> the other "Cygwin MinTTY" would be similar to the one mintty's current
>> postinstall creates.  Or switch 'em around, with "Cygwin" going to
>> MinTTY, and "Cygwin DOSBOX" going to cygwin.bat.
> Not a bad idea. "Cygwin Console" and "Cygwin Terminal" perhaps? Of
> course people still wouldn't know the difference, but at least they
> could try them and find out, and delete as appropriate. 


> Then again, we
> might get lots of questions about why setup.exe felt the need to
> create two shortcuts and what the difference between them is. Hmm.

  We already get plenty of questions about the difference between a console
and a terminal.  Don't think it'll be any different really.  Let's call the
shortcuts "Cygwin Console" and "Cygwin GUI Terminal", and then people will
think it's obvious why there's two of them.


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