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Re: [ITP] mingw-w64

On 7/1/2010 00:49, Charles Wilson wrote:
As an aside, to compile with a different prefix using cygport requires a
bit of work right now, because AFAIK cygport doesn't support anything
but --prefix=/usr.


for how I did it. Basically I had to copy cygport's cygconf() function and modify it, ditto cygports cyginstall() function. Then, from my src_compile() and src_install() I called my copies.

That's what was needed to put autoconf into /opt/gcc-tools/epoch2/ but
other, more complex packages -- and they don't get much more complex
that gcc! -- might need even more custom overrides.

Thanks, I will check it out. (btw, libtool too needs to get an epoch version, having problems with macro version mismatches in gcc cygautoreconf).

I added --prefix=/somewhere to CYGCONF_ARGS to override cygport defaults by taking advantage of autotool's behavior (...configure...--prefix=/usr...--prefix=/somewhere), but I don't think its appropriate.

P.S. Hey, Yaakov -- any chance cygport could start supporting custom prefixes? Maybe by inheriting some special cygclass?

Do also give the ability to tell cygport to exclude some libtool files from getting fixed up, thanks.

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