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Unable to build setup.exe: undefined reference to `_IID_IPersistFile'

I've downloaded the cvs sources for setup.exe and run ./ and make, but the build fails as follows:

libtool: link: g++-3 -mno-cygwin -Werror -Wall -Wno-uninitialized -Wpointer-arith -Wcomments -Wcast-align -Wwrite-strings -g -O2 -mwindows -static -o setup.exe AntiVirus.o archive.o archive_tar.o archive_tar_file.o autoload.o choose.o compress.o compress_bz.o compress_gz.o compress_xz.o ConnectionSetting.o ControlAdjuster.o crypto.o cygpackage.o desktop.o dialog.o diskfull.o download.o Exception.o find.o FindVisitor.o filemanip.o fromcwd.o geturl.o gpg-packet.o ini.o IniDBBuilderPackage.o inilex.o iniparse.o IniParseFeedback.o IniParseFindVisitor.o install.o io_stream.o io_stream_cygfile.o io_stream_file.o io_stream_memory.o KeysSetting.o localdir.o LogFile.o LogSingleton.o main.o mkdir.o mklink2.o mount.o msg.o net.o netio.o nio-ie5.o nio-file.o nio-ftp.o nio-http.o package_db.o package_meta.o package_source.o package_version.o PackageSpecification.o PickCategoryLine.o PickPackageLine.o PickView.o postinstall.o postinstallresults.o prereq.o proppage.o propsheet.o res.o root.o ScanFindVisitor.o script.o setup_version.o simpsock.o site.o source.o SourceSetting.o splash.o state.o String++.o threebar.o UserSettings.o win32.o window.o csu_util/MD5Sum.o csu_util/rfc1738.o csu_util/version_compare.o libmd5-rfc/md5.o libgetopt++/.libs/libgetopt++.a /usr/lib/mingw/libgcrypt.a -L/usr/lib/mingw /usr/lib/mingw/libgpg-error.a -lshlwapi -lcomctl32 -lole32 -lwsock32 -lnetapi32 /usr/lib/libuuid.a -L/lib -L/usr/lib /usr/lib/libintl.a /usr/lib/libiconv.a /usr/lib/mingw/liblzma.a -lbz2 -lz -lmingw32
mklink2.o: In function `make_link_2':
/usr/src/cygsetup/setup/ undefined reference to `_IID_IPersistFile'

Am I missing some library? I've installed all the packages mentioned in the README.

Thanks for any help.


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