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Re: [ITP] slang-2.2.2

--- Lun 15/11/10, Reini Urban  ha scritto:

> 2010/11/15 Reini Urban :
> > 2010/11/15 Marco Atzeri:
> >> --- Lun 15/11/10, Andy Koppe ?ha scritto:
> >>> Sorry, one more issue: I think slsh should go
> into the
> >>> 'Interpreters'
> >>> category rather 'Libs', alongside the other
> scripting
> >>> languages.
> >>>
> >>> Otherwise, GTG. Thanks very much for packaging
> this.
> >>
> >> right. amended and uploaded again.
> >
> > I also had a look just now.
> >
> > Just a hint for the next update.
> > Normally with such libraries the docs are put into the
> base package.
> > You have it in the libslang-devel package.

As the documentation is only useful for the development,
I think it is better in this way, and I see that also other
packages are built in the same way.
A base package with only documentation seems wrong to me.

> Another minor pick, not that important.
> /etc/slsh.rc:
> % Add local additions here
> It tries to load local-packages from
> /usr/share/slsh/local-packages
> but this dir does not exist.
> Can you add an empty file here, so that it will be
> created?

cygport is too smart in this case

Removing empty directory: /usr/share/slsh/local-packages

I will take note for the next repackage 

> -- 
> Reini Urban


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