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Re: [ITP] tftp-hpa 5.0

On 11/15/2010 9:46 AM, Gernot Hillier wrote:
> Some minor comments about /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/tftp.README:
> * confuses config-tftpd with tftpd-config in (at least) two places
> * Under 3), it describes the manual way to install the standalone...
> * In one place, you reference /var/log/messages when syslog is running;...
> * The History misses your name. :-)

Thanks for those comments. I'll address them and send you the updated

> Apart from that, the new README looks *very* nice! Thanks for that - it
> will save us a lot of user's questions!

That's the idea...

>> Gernot, if you could take this -src package and rebuild it (just to make
>> sure it works for you), and then test the binaries in your environment,
>> that'd be a good start.  Then, I'll worry about the IPv6 stuff next
>> weekend or so, and we'll be ready to upload.
> Build tested successfully.


> From my side: ready to upload after the minor wording changes as
> discussed in the other mail

Well, the offending wording is actually in the csih package rather than
the tftpd-config script, I believe.  Also, given Corinna's comments this
morning, I may want to make a slightly more substantive change to csih
and exploit the new csih behavior in the tftpd-config script.

> and the bits in the README mentioned above.

Give me some time to address the csih changes...


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