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Re: [ITP] tftp-hpa 5.0

On 11/15/2010 7:36 AM, Gernot Hillier wrote:
> It seems that XP64 really behaves like NTServer2003 in the sense that
> LocalSystem cannot change user: I can start the so-created service, but
> when trying to connect, it fails on fork as expected with "tftpd: PID
> xxxx: cannot drop privileges: Permission denied." in the Event log.

Thanks for verifying.

>> If it *doesn't* work, then...well, The Right Thing To Do is to fix
>> is_nt2003 as described above, and then change all the tests for "gee I
>> need a special privileged user" to
>>    if is_nt2003 || is_xp64
>> but that would create a LOT of ripple: every client of csih (cron, exim,
>> openssh, inetutils, etc etc) is probably already using is_nt2003 for the
>> same reason and they'd all need to change.  So...I think I'd just
>> declare victory, leave is_nt2003 alone (and wrong), but update the messages.
> Yes, this seems to be the way to go.
> Perhaps you could also add some additional comment in front of is_nt2003
> explaining the situation?

See my reply to Corinna in this thread.


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