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Re: [ITP] tftp-hpa 5.0

On 11/15/2010 9:46 AM, Gernot Hillier wrote:
> Some minor comments about /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/tftp.README:
> * confuses config-tftpd with tftpd-config in (at least) two places


> * Under 3), it describes the manual way to install the standalone
>   service instead of the much more convenient "tftpd-config
>   --standalone" feature. This also leaves the user alone with the
>   complicated decision whether he has to use cyg_server or not - while
>   the script would do all this for him.


>   Perhaps you could also add a hint that the user might want to
>   change TFTPBOOT and args_value in the script before starting. Or
>   perhaps you could even make it interactive?

Well...I think that's an advanced topic -- especially as the package, as
a *package*, assumes that /var/lib/tftpboot/ WILL be the directory
containing the files to be served.

That's why the tftp-server package contents are:

var/lib/tftpboot/.keep-tftp   <<<< this

e.g. we already ensure that the directory is created, and included in
the tarball.  If somebody wants to *modify* the installation *after*
getting it running in its default mode, that's fine (e.g. by going to
the Service Manager and modifying the args that way, for standalone; or
editing /etc/inetd.d/tftp or /etc/xinetd.d/tftp).

But trying to support too many options for *initial* installation will
be a support nightmare...too many things can go wrong, and the package
maintainer gets to answer all the questions about 'em.  Your time is
valuable; keep initial setup simple -- this will help to reduce the
amount of PIBKAC screwups you have to help users resolve.

'Course, if you disagree, you're free to update the tftpd-config script
however you like since you'll be the maintainer.

> * In one place, you reference /var/log/messages when syslog is running;
>   you could add that the other place would be the Windows Event log when
>   syslog is NOT running. I verified that those messages really appear
>   there.


> * The History misses your name. :-)


> From my side: ready to upload after the minor wording changes as
> discussed in the other mail and the bits in the README mentioned above.

OK, I've uploaded my attempt at 5.0-2 here:

In addition to the wording changes in the README and in the tftpd-config
script, I've also enabled IPv6 and -m (remap) support.

I suggest:

  1) test the binary in IPv4 mode.  e.g. drop it in place of your
current 5.0-1 tftpd.exe and make sure it still works with your inhouse
IPv4 clients without any trouble.

  2) uninstall the service and re-install using the new tftpd-config
(--standalone?).  Make sure that still works (also, you probably want to
install the test release of csih-0.9.2-1, for the complete XP64bit

  3) Make sure this 5.0-2-src package also rebuilds.

  4) Plan to advertise tftp (-hpa) as "nominally" supporting IPv6 but in
the announcement we'll say it's untested.

  5) Don't bother to say anything about the -m remap support. AFAICT,
it's pretty straightforward.  Unless there is a giant undetected bug
upstream, it should Just Work(tm) if anybody tries it.

Release schedule:
  If you're happy with this, and confident that you can continue
maintaining it from here out (don't worry; I'm not going to get hit by a
bus -- but you'll be running point for tftp/tftpd) -- then we can plan
the transition and rollout the new packages.

We'll have to coordinate
  a) uploading the tftp and the updated inetutils packages, and
  b) sending the announcements of those two packages
I'll need some time for (a) because I have to update inetutil's
iu-config and syslog-config scripts; fortunately the major surgery --
removing tftp/tftpd -- from inetutils is already done.


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