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Re: [ITP] tftp-hpa 5.0

On 11/19/2010 10:59 AM, Gernot Hillier wrote:
> Ok, after you solved the IPv6 stuff, let's get back to our original test
> plan.
> On 17.11.2010 06:32, Charles Wilson wrote:
>>   1) test the binary in IPv4 mode.  e.g. drop it in place of your
>> current 5.0-1 tftpd.exe and make sure it still works with your inhouse
>> IPv4 clients without any trouble.
> Done. Works with the patch in your last mail.


>>   2) uninstall the service and re-install using the new tftpd-config
>> (--standalone?).  Make sure that still works (also, you probably want to
>> install the test release of csih-0.9.2-1, for the complete XP64bit
>> treatment).
> Tested and found another small issue: the "--standalone" case branch has
> a superfluous "shift" which breaks parsing of later params. Please remove.

Fixed in 5.0-3.

> And - it seems there are some ways to misspell csih_inform: :-)
> /usr/bin/tftpd-config: line 175: cish_inform: command not found
> /usr/bin/tftpd-config: line 176: csih_infomr: command not found

Fixed in 5.0-3.

>>   3) Make sure this 5.0-2-src package also rebuilds.
> Done.


>>   4) Plan to advertise tftp (-hpa) as "nominally" supporting IPv6 but in
>> the announcement we'll say it's untested.
>>   5) Don't bother to say anything about the -m remap support. AFAICT,
>> it's pretty straightforward.  Unless there is a giant undetected bug
>> upstream, it should Just Work(tm) if anybody tries it.
> Thanks for the hints!

See attachment for a sample announcement message.

> Would you mind preparing a last package with the discussed changes, than
> I could take over - or do you still have any TODOs?

No more TODOs on my end (except those related to /inetutils/ not
/tftp/).  Here's 5.0-3:

>> Release schedule:
>>   If you're happy with this, and confident that you can continue
>> maintaining it from here out (don't worry; I'm not going to get hit by a
>> bus -- but you'll be running point for tftp/tftpd) -- then we can plan
>> the transition and rollout the new packages.
>> We'll have to coordinate
>>   a) uploading the tftp and the updated inetutils packages, and
>>   b) sending the announcements of those two packages
>> I'll need some time for (a) because I have to update inetutil's
>> iu-config and syslog-config scripts; fortunately the major surgery --
>> removing tftp/tftpd -- from inetutils is already done.
> Just let me know then when you're ready.

Will do.  BTW, just so that the checksums are all consistent, you should
probably rebuild 5.0-3 yourself, and then upload /your/ tarballs
somewhere, so that we can make sure that /your/ versions get uploaded to


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