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Re: Do we need a new maintainer for fetchmail?

Am 30.11.2010 16:12, schrieb Corinna Vinschen:

> We don't have a problem with maintainance sharing and we already have
> packages doing that.  The X server is maintained by two guys, for
> instance.  But it's an item of consent between the sharing maintainers.

Sure. This won't work in competition, but only based on collaboration.

> From our perspective it's rather important to have at least *one*
> maintainer for a package who's willing not only to keep a package in a
> good shape, but also to answer user questions on the cygwin list.  This
> is due to the fact that we have a rather small base of experienced users
> on the list, who can help less experienced users.  It doesn't help to
> have thousands of packages if there's nobody who keeps an eye on the
> package *and* the problems of the users.

I'd rather keep an eye on the list postings, redirect non-Cygwin specifics to
the fetchmail-lists (or FAQ indeed) than commit to packaging.  However, there
hasn't been end-user-oriented fetchmail-related disucssion on the cygwin list in
a while.

> Having said that, if Jason is ok with sharing maintainership between the
> two of you, even if you don't participate on the cygwin ML, we're
> certainly content with the arrangement.


Best regards

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