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Re: cygport usability concern/best practices?

On 12/10/2010 7:30 AM, Matthias Andree wrote:
> 1. one thing that I found extremely irritating is that I lost changes made to
> CYGWIN-PATCHES several times, due to prep/all/almostall just purging it without
> questions -- and "package" does create the -src.tar.bz2, but does not update the
> *.cygwin.patch file.
> What are best practices to avoid that?  Could/should instead cygport back up
> CYGWIN-PATCHES, or stop, before removing this?  I suppose that CYGWIN-PATCHES is
> the directory most often manually edited, and at the same time, it's precious.

Most people (not me) keep the contents of CYGWIN-PATCHES "somewhere
else" -- e.g. under source control or something -- and copy them in when
updating a package -- and then copying the result back "somewhere else"
and checking in once the updated package is finalized.

This doesn't help WHILE you are working with the package tho.  During
that process, it's best to
	(a) unpack the newly-created -src package immediately after the
	    pkg step
	(b) be very very careful before typing 'cygport ... finish'

> 2. cygport foo-M-N all/almostall should include "test". The instructions that
> src_test() { :; } should be defined if the package doesn't support it, are there.

I disagree.  For instance, cvs's test suite takes over four hours.
Autoconf/automake/libtool's each take five or more hours.  I don't want
to have to run those tests each time I'm fiddling with the packaging. I
only run the tests once everything ELSE is tweaked just so, and the
package is ready for upload -- assuming the tests pass.  Only THEN do I
run the tests...and go to bed.

If you want to "force" the tests to occur for each build, just invoke
src_test at the bottom of your src_compile() function.


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