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[ITP] varnish-2.1.4-1 and varnish-r5665

Varnish is a web accelerator written with performance and flexibility
in mind. It's modern architecture gives it a significantly better
performance than many of it's competing products. Varnish store web
pages in memory so the web servers don't have to create the same web
page over and over again. The web server only recreate a page when it
is changed. Additionally Varnish can serve web pages much faster then
any application server is capable of - giving the website a
significant speed up.

Varnish is free software licensed under a two-clause BSD licence, also
known as the FreeBSD licence.

( )

Varnish has packages for Debian, FreeBSD, Red Hat and Ubuntu:
  *  Vendor URL:
  *  Debian URL:
  *  FreeBSD URL:
  *  Ubuntu URL:

I have prepared two packages:
  * Current: varnish 2.1.4-1   => last released version, 2.1.4
  * Test: varnish r5665          => subversion trunk r5665 version

The packages can be downloaded from sourceforge:



( Sourceforge web page:

Varnish cygwin patched source version can be compiled succesfully in
Linux and Solaris. I have submited the modifications to vendor in
order to prepare a better multiplatform code.

Varnish need GCC in runtime because its VCL configuration file is
translated to C and compiled in "so" file in order to better

Varnish also needs Libpcre and Libncurses.

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