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Re: Ooops, minor setup.hint glitch - and announce list bouncing my posts

On 22/03/2011 21:44, Charles Wilson wrote:
> On 3/22/2011 5:19 PM, Dave Korn wrote:
>>   Guess I forgot to actually ask: Do we prefer the situation where all users
>> of curr: packages get a few extra libs that they don't need, or would we
>> prefer not to make them download extra libs and rely on users of test:
>> packages to manually download anything they find themselves missing?  On the
>> whole I guess loading a few extra libs on "normal" users is probably not a
>> serious burden but wondered if others had thought about it.
> I usually go ahead and add the new libs to the global requires.
> This is similar to the situation when a dependent library gets version
> bumped; I'll typically include BOTH the libs in my app's requires spec:
> requires: libncurses7 libncurses8

  Yeah, and come to think of it, since it's generally expected that test:
packages will one day become stable, everyone's going to need those libs
sooner or later anyway.  So I restored the requires: lines.

  (There appeared to be something of a spam bomb going on at sourceware when I
was logged in, so I imagine that's why the filters have been turned up to
full-sensitivity on the -announce list.)


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