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Re: [ITP]

On 11/4/2011 2:29 AM, Charles Wilson wrote:
Your build still links against libbackend.a, rather than cygbackend.dll.

I'm trying to massage your -src package to DTRT. Stay tuned.

I've posted a revised version of your package here:

Inside the -src tarball is the *original* upstream sources (, a few patches, and a .cygport script. to rebuild, unpack the -src and do:

$ cygport all

You should probably do that, to ensure that the build procedure works on your machine. Also, to test the resuts; I have no idea how to use this stuff.

Finally: the backend.exe program is linked to cygbackend.dll, which are both in /usr/lib/astrometry/bin/. All the python stuff, including three extension DLLs, are in /usr/lib/astrometry/python/*/

I modified the build procedure for cygbackend.dll -- it now generates an import lib, and it also (re)exports all of the symbols from the other (sub)libraries. That means when linking backend.exe, you don't need to list those other dependencies, because cygbackend.dll will satisfy them all. (*)

Provided you can rebuild this package on your machine, AND that it actually works, consider it GTG.

(*) I did not do this, but because cygbackend now exports all the symbols from (e.g.) libanfiles.a, libutils.a, libkd.a, etc, you COULD modify the link commands for almost all of the /other/ .exe's in the blind/ directory, which currently link against (many) of those static libraries, to instead link solely against cygbackend.dll (actually, libbackend.dll.a). That would make the entire package MUCH smaller. But it's a lot of work.


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