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[ITP] xlaunch (experimental)

xlaunch is a simple Windows GUI tool for starting XWin.

xlaunch was written by Alexander Gottwald in 2005, and is included with the
Xming and VcxSrvX Windows X servers (which derive from the same upstream
sources as the cygwin X server).

I'd like to package this as:

- It simplifies launching the X server with custom options, avoiding the
complex instructions in FAQ 4.2 [1].  It also avoids the forward-compatibility
problems those instructions might have.

- It also makes it possible to automate starting XWin and a remote X client
without writing custom scripts.

- It might help to make running complex desktop environments in windowed mode
work out-of-the-box.

I've done some work to make it functional on cygwin, but it probably needs a
bit more work to be truly useful.


category: X11
requires: libxml2 libX11_6 libstdc++6 bash mintty keychain xorg-server
sdesc: "GUI tool for configuring and starting the XWin X server"
ldesc: "GUI tool for configuring and starting the XWin X server"



Being the work of several hands, unfortunately several licenses apply to the
source. Parts are under the X11 license, parts are under the GPLv3 license,
and parts have been dedicated to the public domain.


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