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Re: Mingw64 and Cygwin: header and libs layout

Hi Kai,

On Mar 13 14:25, Kai Tietz wrote:
> Hi Corinna,
> I suggest the approach to install for cygwin the platform-headers to a
> shared place.  I suggest that mingw-w64 adds to configure for headers
> and crt an option, which installs platform-headers/libraries to
> '/usr/shared/psdk_windows' location.  Means under this path are the
> folders lib/lib64/include containing only the platform-parts.

That sounds like an excellent idea to me!

> For the cygwin-based mingw-w64 cross-compiler we need to add here by
> spec (for headers in gcc and for libs in binutils or gcc).  IMHO this
> should be a special configuration option for gcc (and binutils), which
> adds the required parts to spec-files.

IMHO we should keep the "w32api" scheme.  The reason is that this
requires no changes at all to the gcc specs file.  Rather, the Cygwin
gcc package would simply create matching symlinks:

  ln -s /usr/share/windows_psdk/include /usr/include/w32api
  ln -s /usr/share/windows_psdk/lib     /usr/lib/w32api
  ln -s /usr/share/windows_psdk/lib64   /usr/lib64/w32api

> The CRT libraries and headers should stay IMHO in private places for
> toolchain.  There is no need to put them under different locations or
> to have them at shared-locations AFAICS., as cygwin-toolchain won't
> provide this '-mno-cygwin' approach.  So toolchains are regarding
> their CRT-headers isolated.



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