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Re: RFE: Cygw32 GNU Emacs Port

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On 10/9/2012 10:19 PM, Daniel Colascione wrote:
GNU Emacs 24.3, due out in about a month, will have a new
configuration option: --with-w32.  When built this way, Cygwin Emacs
uses native Win32 widgets instead of X11. The resulting "cygw32" Emacs
looks just like NT Emacs, but is a native Cygwin application with full
support for Cygwin paths, ptys, and so on.

The default is still to build Emacs for X11.

When we release Emacs 24.3 packages for Cygwin, would it be possible
to add a package for users who want to use cygw32 Emacs?

It would be easy enough for me to do, assuming it builds without a problem. But I have a couple of qualms about it:

1. This strikes me as going against the spirit of Cygwin, which tries to emulate Linux. Why shouldn't users who want a GUI version of emacs just use emacs-X11, as they would on Linux? We don't provide Win32 versions of other X11 programs as far as I know.

2. Because there is so much Windows-specific code in it, I wouldn't feel competent to support it if users have problems. I'm not at all familiar with that kind of programming.

I'd like to hear what others think, especially cgf and Corinna.


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