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Re: [64bit] Missing library causing build of perl-PAR-Packer to fail

On 2013-06-05 13:40, Ken Brown wrote:
In order to build biber.exe, I need to build the perl module

I have PAR::Packer and its dependencies ready for upload later today, and have updated Ports git accordingly.

On 32-bit Cygwin, boot_Win32CORE is provided by the library
/usr/lib/perl5/5.14/i686-cygwin-threads-64int/auto/Win32CORE/Win32CORE.a. But
on 64-bit Cygwin the corresponding library is missing from
/usr/lib/perl5/5.14/x86_64-cygwin-threads/auto/Win32CORE.  Can we get a
new build of perl that includes it?

It's not actually required; EU::Embed's xsinit command automatically adds hooks for all static extensions: normally DynaLoader, and on MSWin32/Cygwin, Win32CORE. The latter isn't usually needed on Cygwin, so AFAICS it should be omitted.

I'll have to figure out properly how to fix this in the perl build (Reini?), but in the meantime, in /usr/lib/perl5/5.14/x86_64-cygwin-threads/, change the definition of static_ext to ' ' (the space is required), then rerun the build of biber.


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