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Re: gettext packaging bug?

On Jun 12 15:08, Charles Wilson wrote:
> On 6/12/2013 11:13 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >I was just trying to build a package on a new 64 bit Cygwin test
> >machine, when I encountered a missing libintl.h.  As it turned out,
> >I had gettext-devel installed, but not gettext.  In the 64 bit version
> >of gettext, gettext-devel depends on libintl8, but not on gettext, so
> >that's that.
> Ah, that's a bug in Yaakov's packaging of gettext. On 32bit,
> gettext-devel requires: gettext.
> >However, why is libintl.h in gettext, and not in gettext-devel?
> >
> >A header file belongs in the devel package if there is one, isn't it?
> The upstream maintainer, Bruno Haible, strongly recommends certain
> conventions when packaging gettext.  While we have to deviate from
> those recommendations somewhat for cygwin, I tried to adhere as
> closely as I could to them. See the attached PACKAGING file; what
> Bruno calls "gettext-tools" I've packaged as "gettext-devel" more or
> less, and what he calls "gettext-runtime" I've packaged as
> "gettext", with obvious exception that DLLs themselves all get their
> own package(s).
> However, in actuality, neither Bruno's "gettext-runtime" (our
> gettext) nor his "gettext-tools" (our gettext-devel) really
> represent a "traditional" runtime-vs-devel split.
> Note that this means all of the following:
> /usr/lib/libintl.a
> /usr/lib/libintl.dll.a
> /usr/lib/
> /usr/include/libintl.h
> are actually in 'gettext' and *not* in gettext-devel.
> I'm open to reorganizing the gettext packaging (ignore Bruno?) but
> we *really* don't want to make gettext depend on gettext-devel
> (gettext-devel pulls in git, to make autopoint work).  The other way
> around -- where gettext-devel requires: gettext -- could work, and
> in fact *is* the current practice at least in the 32bit package.

The dependcy isn't picked up automatically, that's why it's missing
in the 64 bit package, perhaps.

Either way, I would always expect the files required to build
against gettext in the gettext-devel package, but I guess if the
dependency is fixed, it should be ok.


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