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[64bit] run2-0.4.2-1

The run2 package provides two utilities: 'run2' and 'checkX' (as
the package is actually a renamed and updated successor to the
now-obsoleted checkx package). The first utility is a more powerful
replacement for the venerable 'run' utility that has long been a
part of the cygwin distribution. The second is a test utility that
detects whether an Xserver is active, and exits with an appropriate
status value.

'run2' launches console programs while hiding any actual console
(dos box) that may ordinarily be associated with them. In addition,
'run2' can:
  * set/modify environment variables before launching
    the target program
  * specify a start directory from which to launch the target
  * detect whether an X server is active or not, and
    launch one of two different targets -- with different
    command line arguments, environment settings, and
    startup dirs.
'run2' uses an external XML configuration file to control its own
operation, and to specify the settings which should be applied to
the target program(s).

CHANGES since 0.4.0-1
o Avoid program compatibility issues on W7. See
o Fix several bugs in canonicalizing ~ paths
o First 64bit build


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