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Re: Please build 64 bit packages

On 2013-08-01 02:57, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Jul 31 18:23, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
I just copied over the newest version of all noarch packages whose
deps are available.  Ignoring obsolete packages, as of this moment,
the diffstat between the arches is +81/-316.

Cool, many thanks!

How did you generate the diffstat?  The numbers indicate a lot of
preliminary work before running the tool since a simple diff returns
numbers along the lines of -1000/+1500.

First off, I'm basing my numbers on *source* packages. I then removed all obsolete packages from the i686 list, as well as the cygwin{32,64}-* packages from both lists (since those aren't really relevant to this discussion). A copy of my list is at sourceware:~yselkowitz/TODO_DISTRO_X64.diff.

So I'm wondering, do you have a list of important packages (like,
say, ocaml, inetutils, any libs) still missing?  It might help to
get a better picture of the state of the x86_64 distro.

I'd say llvm, nspr, ocaml and postgresql are the most noticeable missing prereqs at the moment. The first two are mine, but they require significant porting work (particularly llvm), and I've been focused on other packages. There are a few other minor libraries missing, but the rest looks to be mostly programs that just need a rebuild.


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