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Re: tftp for x86_64 uploaded (was Re: Please build 64 bit packages)

On 8/1/2013 5:18 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
Btw., I just built and uploaded the tftp package for x86_64.
For some reason, even though inetutils is built without tftp
and tftpd support, it still needs the arp/tftp.h file provided
by the tftp package.

stock inetutils assumes that tftp.h is provided by the system, for whatever reason:

2005-01-21  Alfred M. Szmidt  <...>

        * headers/ (dist-hook): Target removed.
        (header_dirs): Variable removed.
        (EXTRA_DIST): Variable removed.

        * headers/,  headers/crypt.h,  headers/err.h,
        headers/getopt.h, headers/obstack.h, headers/osockaddr.h,
        headers/paths.h, headers/poll.h, headers/syslog-int.h,
        headers/arpa/DISTFILES, headers/arpa/ftp.h, headers/arpa/telnet.h,
        headers/arpa/tftp.h, headers/protocols/DISTFILES,
        headers/protocols/talkd.h: Files removed.

In the past (e.g. when tftp[d].exe was compiled and shipped as part of the cygwin inetutils package), one of the custom cygwin patches was to add tftp.h and other headers back into the inetutils src tree -- and thence to install them onto the end user's system. However, when tftp[d].exe was split off (and built using a different upstream source code provider, which unlike inetutils supported IPv6) and Gernot took over maintainership, I removed those patches to inetutils and "allowed" the tftpd package to provide them instead.

So, yes, there is a build dependency between inetutils and tftp now.


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