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Re: tftp for x86_64 uploaded (was Re: Please build 64 bit packages)

On Aug  1 09:16, Charles Wilson wrote:
> On 8/1/2013 5:18 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >Btw., I just built and uploaded the tftp package for x86_64.
> >For some reason, even though inetutils is built without tftp
> >and tftpd support, it still needs the arp/tftp.h file provided
> >by the tftp package.
> stock inetutils assumes that tftp.h is provided by the system, for
> whatever reason:
> 2005-01-21  Alfred M. Szmidt  <...>
>         * headers/ (dist-hook): Target removed.
>         (header_dirs): Variable removed.
>         (EXTRA_DIST): Variable removed.
>         * headers/,  headers/crypt.h,  headers/err.h,
>         headers/getopt.h, headers/obstack.h, headers/osockaddr.h,
>         headers/paths.h, headers/poll.h, headers/syslog-int.h,
>         headers/arpa/DISTFILES, headers/arpa/ftp.h, headers/arpa/telnet.h,
>         headers/arpa/tftp.h, headers/protocols/DISTFILES,
>         headers/protocols/talkd.h: Files removed.
> In the past (e.g. when tftp[d].exe was compiled and shipped as part
> of the cygwin inetutils package), one of the custom cygwin patches
> was to add tftp.h and other headers back into the inetutils src tree
> -- and thence to install them onto the end user's system.  However,
> when tftp[d].exe was split off (and built using a different upstream
> source code provider, which unlike inetutils supported IPv6) and
> Gernot took over maintainership, I removed those patches to
> inetutils and "allowed" the tftpd package to provide them instead.
> So, yes, there is a build dependency between inetutils and tftp now.

Makes sense.


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