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[64bit] Updated/added automake packages

automake (wrapper)                    9-1
automake1.14                          1.14-1
automake1.13                          1.13.4-1
automake1.12                          1.12.6-2
automake1.11                          1.11.6-2
automake1.10                          1.10.3-2
automake1.9                           1.9.6-11
automake1.8                           1.8.5-11
automake1.7                           1.7.9-11
automake1.6                           1.6.3-12
automake1.5                           1.5-11
automake1.4                           1.4p6-11

Also, the gcc-tools packages:

gcc-tools-epoch1-autoconf             2.59-2
gcc-tools-epoch1-automake             1.9.6-2
gcc-tools-epoch2-autoconf             2.64-2
gcc-tools-epoch2-automake             1.11.6-1

I'm slowly announcing these "officially" on the cygwin-announce list, but they are all "up there" already for both 64- and 32- bit cygwin.

The interesting thing about the test suites -- while success/failure between the two was, as expected, nearly the same -- cygwin64 finished in about 65-75% of the time required by cygwin32. That's quite an improvement.


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