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Re: [cygport] [PATCH] Add support for VERSIONS

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> Btw., Yaakov, thanks for the new 0.13.0 version.  The only problem I
> still have is the duplication of the dist files into the CWD.  Isn't
> there some switch or setting to disable this behaviour?

I've just updated my rpm-style fork of cygport and I've implemented it
there â you need to set NO_TOP_PKG non-null in cygport.conf.  It's the
first commit on top of upstream cygport master since you'll probably
don't want the rest of the patch stack.  I've also integrated Dave's
PKG_VERSION patch (second commit up) if anybody is interested.

Clone from git://

The rest of the branch lets you can omit the .cygport extension
universally and extends version-less naming to patch files (I think Ken
had requested that some time ago).  It also keeps all downloads (except
source VCS, I've not had time yet to look into that) in DISTDIR and uses
them from there directly without copying to $top.  I'll be rebasing that
branch on top of cygport master to keep it current.

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