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Re: [RFU x86_64] ucl/upx

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> Other than that, cool, upx now handles 64 bit binaries?

No, it still doesn't know about PE+ (but it is slightly faster at
compressing large 32bit applications).

>  How did you do that?  I had a look into the code a couple of days ago
> and I just got dizzy...

Heh. I thought it was bordering on the bizarreâ I've come as far as
looking up which fields and offsets change from PE to PE+ and this,
while tedious, should be manageable when I find the time (not in the
next two months, though).  I have no idea whatsoever if the 64bit
assembler stub for Linux can be reused for PE+ in any way.  Support for
PE+ has been requested from upstream literally for years and the
evasiveness of the developers' reaction probably means it isn't as
simple as just making the format parseable.  They keep mentioning a V4
release and a major cleanup of the code, though.

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