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Re: why does setup keep trying to install non-required packages?

On 8/11/2013 3:16 AM, Andrew Schulman wrote:
Fairly often when I run setup just for updates, it selects new packages for
installation that I haven't selected and that aren't required by any of my
other packages.

Right now setup wants to install the login package.  I didn't select it,
and if I unselect it the installation continues without any problem. It
happened in setup-x86, and now setup-x86_64 wants to do it too.  I try to
keep my installation slim, so I don't want setup to add new packages that
aren't required and that I didn't select.

Has anyone else observed this?  Know the reason?  Are they new packages,
and setup assumes I want all new packages?

login is in the Base category and so is installed by default. It was only recently added to the 64-bit distro, but I think it's been in x86 for a long time. The files on sourceware date from 2009.

As far as I know, only things in Base and Misc (and their dependencies) get installed by default. (And packages in Misc are usually there by mistake, because a maintainer forgot to provide a setup.hint.) I haven't observed any exceptions to this.


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